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Five Top Swine Flu Myths, Busted!


The amount of information swirling around the media about swine flu is mind-boggling … and often misleading. How can you get the facts straight to make informed decisions for your health and the health of your family?

Is the threat of the swine flu being blown out of proportion?

We’ve compiled some of the most common H1N1 myths for you, along with the facts you need to get the truth about swine flu, once and for all.

Myth #1: Swine Flu May Kill 90,000 Americans

Headlines have said that “hundreds of thousands” of Americans could be killed as a result of the swine flu pandemic. In reality, the World Health Organization reports that as of November 29, there have been only about 8,768 deaths worldwide since the swine flu pandemic began. Though every death that has occurred from swine flu is tragic, for comparison the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that regular, seasonal flu kills about 36,000 people in the U.S. every year.

Yet, there is no mass hysteria and fear over seasonal flu.

Despite the dramatically lower death toll than had been predicted, public health agencies and the media continue to use scare tactics to describe the “deadly” swine flu.

In reality, swine flu is mild for most people and the vast majority recover on their own with no medical attention necessary. Further, the virus is not showing signs that it is mutating into a more serious form.

Myth #2: Swine Flu is Still a Growing Threat

There are many signs that the worst is behind us for the swine flu pandemic. As of mid- to late November, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that flu activity is decreasing in all regions of the United States. The World Health Organization also said there were “early signs of a peak” in the U.S. They write:

“Disease activity has peaked and is declining in North America and has either recently peaked or is currently peaking in much of western and northern Europe.”

Further, the American College Health Association said new flu cases dropped 27 percent during the week ending November 13, compared to the week before. And Quest Diagnostics also said its tests of 142,000 possible flu specimens since May showed the flu peaked in late October.

Further, the CDC reported that as of the week of November 22-28, 2009, “the number of states reporting widespread flu activity decreased from 32 to 25 and visits to doctors for influenza-like illness declined nationally from the previous week. In addition, flu-related hospitalizations and deaths continue to decline … “

Despite the falling flu activity, the CDC continues to aggressively push their swine flu vaccination program.

Myth#3: The Swine Flu Vaccine is in Short Supply

Close to seven out of 10 people aged 18-29 said they did not plan to get the H1N1 vaccine, according to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll. And about 62 percent of those aged 30 to 64, and 53 percent of those 65 and older, also said they would not be getting the vaccine.

What this means is that, while initial H1N1 vaccine supplies were limited because production took longer than expected, now there will likely be far more vaccine available than demand for it.

According to the CDC, as of November 30, 66 million doses of swine flu vaccine were available for states to order, and more were on the way.

Perhaps that is why the CDC is continuing to state, even after the month-long decline, that it is too soon to declare that swine flu is tapering off. And instead of spreading the word that it appears the worst is behind us, and the “pandemic” was nowhere near as bad as expected, they are continuing to warn that the upcoming holidays may help spread swine flu.

Myth #4: Most Cases of Flu-Like Illness are Swine Flu

If you come down with flu-like symptoms, not only do you probably not have swine flu, but you probably don’t have the flu at all. That was the finding of a three-month investigation by CBS News.

Researchers attained data from all 50 states on their lab-confirmed H1N1 cases. They found “the vast majority of cases were negative for H1N1 as well as seasonal flu, despite the fact that many states were specifically testing patients deemed to be most likely to have H1N1 flu, based on symptoms and risk factors.”

“With most cases diagnosed solely on symptoms and risk factors, the H1N1 flu epidemic may seem worse than it is,” wrote lead investigator Sharyl Attkisson on

The CBS News image below gives a much different picture than what most of the major media outlets are portraying regarding swine flu …

H1N1 Tests
(CBS News)

Myth #5: The Swine Flu Vaccine is Safe and Effective

The swine flu vaccine has only been tested on a few thousand healthy people for a few weeks. So no one can say whether or not the vaccine is safe because it has not been thoroughly tested.

There is little or no safety data on how the vaccine will react in pregnant women and chronically ill or disabled children. There is also very little information about whether the swine flu shot will keep you from getting swine flu. The data just isn’t there.

What is known is that injectable flu shots in multi-dose vials contain the mercury preservative thimerosal, which has been linked to autism, behavioral, and learning disorders in children. And already, anecdotal reports of miscarriages and deaths are being reported after receiving the H1N1 vaccine.

There is also the glaring example of what happened in 1976, when a similar U.S. government swine flu vaccination drive was underway. During that time, many (over 40 million people) did decide to get vaccinated, despite the fact that the swine flu epidemic never materialized (again echoing what appears to be happening today).

Of those who decided to get the swine flu vaccine in 1976, several hundred people developed Guillain-Barre syndrome, a condition that causes weakness and sometimes permanent paralysis. At least 30 people also died … not from the swine flu, but from the vaccine.

Stay Informed: What to Do if You’ve Gotten the H1N1 Vaccine (or Any Vaccine)

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