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How to be BEST Prepared When Your Child Returns Home With These 6 ... Undesirables

Just when you thought it was safe to breathe a sigh of relief because the kids are back in school, one of your little darlings returns home with ... lice, gum in their hair, dirty shoes (and sports uniforms), or a group of hungry teenagers. Now what?

back to school

The kids are back in school ... are you prepared for what they might bring home?

As the saying goes, when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade! The tips below will arm you with the simple tactics you need to make "lemonade" out of whatever undesirable situation your child brings home from school.

1. When your child returns home with lice ...

Head lice affect some 6 million to 12 million people in America every year, and though it's a year-round problem, outbreaks tend to occur at the beginning of the school year (when kids spend more time in close contact with one another).

Beware of reaching for common lice treatments like Nix, RID and Kwell, however, because they contain toxic pesticides and insecticides that are readily absorbed into your body!

Instead be prepared to treat lice with the completely non-toxic solution, Lice B Gone. This is a safe, non-toxic, 100 percent pesticide-free multi-enzyme shampoo made from natural plant sources. Lice B Gone's extra-strength formula has been clinically proven to effectively remove lice and nits without harmful pesticides or irritating chemicals.

Because Lice B Gone is not available in stores, we recommend stocking up now so you're prepared (and not tempted to use a potentially harmful over-the-counter product).

2. When your child returns home with dirty hands ...

Kids at school can come into contact with a variety of illness-causing germs during the day. Everything from E. coli and salmonella to flu viruses, rhinovirus, and staph are commonly found in schools.

Your children come into contact with the germs at school, then transmit them into your home, onto door handles, the kitchen faucet, and even the carton of milk. Of course, when you and the rest of your family touch these items, you're all at risk of illnesses as well.

The way to solve this problem has two angles. First, give your child a PerfectClean terry cloth to keep in their pocket or backpack at school. These cloths have patented built-in antimicrobial protection, and are able to pick up contaminants that can't be seen with the naked eye. Encourage your child to wipe his hands with the cloth frequently throughout the school day.

Second, use PerfectClean cloths, mitts and dusters to clean your home to the same microscopic level. Pay special attention to cleaning frequently touched items like door handles, toilet flushers, light switches, and appliance handles.

3. When your child returns home with poison ivy, splinters, bug bites, and other skin eruptions ...

While your child and his best friend were planning their tree house at recess, he got bitten by a mosquito. Or, he got a splinter from the playground ... or poison ivy from chasing the football too far out of bounds in gym class.

There's seemingly no end to the minor irritations that kids can come home with, but there is one simple solution for most all of them: Quret Drawing Salve.

Quret Drawing Salve is an all-natural formula that has been safely and effectively providing long-term relief for nearly any skin eruption -- since 1918. This is an old favorite that has delivered results to generation after generation.

4. When your child returns home HUNGRY for junk food, with five of his friends ...

children germs

Younger kids like to share everything, including their germs. Tuck a PerfectClean terry cloth into your little one's backpack, and they'll be able to quickly remove germs from their hands throughout the day (with no water or cleansers needed)!

When a group full of hungry kids comes charging into your kitchen, you may be tempted to throw a bag of chips or cookies their way. But then, you always feel guilty because you know it's not good for them.

Instead of giving in to your kids' junk-food cravings, prepare some healthy snacks in advance. Keep them in the fridge and -- Wallah! -- you can feed your kids something good for them, and not have to change around your schedule to do it.

Need a few healthy snack ideas? Alive in 5: Raw Gourmet Meals in Five Minutes is the perfect cookbook for anyone who wants to create healthy snacks (and meals) using great-tasting fruits and vegetables -- but doesn't have a lot of time to do it. It's full of delicious, and fast, recipes, perfect for busy moms and dads with hungry kids. Most of them can be prepared in just five minutes ... no kidding!

Some other quick, nutritious snack ideas include:

  • Apples or celery spread with peanut butter (use the type made from 100 percent peanuts, with no fillers or trans fats) or raw almond butter.

  • Carrot sticks, green or red pepper slices, cherry tomatoes, celery, radishes, and other raw veggies, served with hummus.

  • A homemade snack mix made from dried cranberries (or cherries, blueberries, etc.), raw almonds (or pistachios), sunflower seeds and shredded coconut.

  • A small serving of healthy leftovers, such as chicken soup or black bean chili.

  • Cheese and crackers, served with some grapes or other fresh fruit.

5. When your child returns home with friends tracking in dirt or worse on their shoes ...

Of course, it's not just your kids' hands that are dirty, it's also their shoes. Kids are infamous for dirtying up just-cleaned floors, which is unsightly from an aesthetic perspective and potentially dangerous from a health-oriented one.

An astounding 85 percent of household "dirt" is carried into your house from the outside, including on your family's shoes. What's in all of that dirt and dust? Here's just a sampling:

One of the primary ways to keep dirt from entering your home via your kids' shoes is to use high-quality mats and rugs at your doorways and other key high-traffic areas.

That's why we highly recommend you invest in high-quality doormats for your home, and by far the Waterhog Grand Premier Mats and Rugs are what we recommend in this area.

Waterhog Grand Premiers are no ordinary mats; in fact, they actually trap soil and liquids in the mat so they don't drain or track onto your floors. This is the one mat we most highly recommend to consumers who are health and safety conscious -- and want something that's attractive as well.

6. When your child comes home asking for the latest designer jeans or the newest video game they heard about at school ...

Kids have no trouble amassing long holiday and birthday wish-lists, but most have a hard time understanding exactly why they can't receive every material thing they ask for.

One of the best gifts that you can give your children is a solid understanding of how to manage their finances when they're older, yet most parents don't talk to their kids about money.

The next time your child asks for money, give them the award-winning Money Savvy Pig piggy bank, and then get ready to have a real financial discussion with him.

The Money Savvy Pig has four chambers, one for each of the "money choices" (save, donate, spend, invest) that children have when they earn or receive money.

Now, when you give your kids their allowance, make sure you discuss it with them. Ask them how much they think they should save, how much they should donate to charity, how much they should spend and how much they should invest.

These banks work so well because as kids make choices about what to do with their money, they're able to actually see the results. Without even realizing it, your kids are getting a real lesson in how to manage their money, long before they've even received their first paycheck.

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