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Educational Toy of the Year & USA Today Product of the Year:
Help Kids Learn Money Management!

Help your children and grandchildren get the head-start on financial skills they deserve with the toy ranked "One of the Best Products of the Year" by USA Today, praised by Time Magazine, and called "Educational Toy of the Year" by the Parents' Choice Foundation:

"The Money Savvy Pig™"

Financial health is one of the six corners of true "whole" health. It is widely proven that stress is the number one cause of disease, and money-related problems are the number one cause of stress.

The Award-Winning
Money Savvy Pig
Comes in 5 Colors

"This bank offers kids a simple introduction to the complicated
acts of spending, saving and investing. We Love It!"
     -Instructor Magazine

Therefore, helping your kids and grandkids learn good personal finance skills at a young age will not only give them a head-start in understanding and effectively managing money down the road, but will also have a direct impact on their overall health and well-being.

That it's just as important to help kids learn personal finance skills as it is to learn relationship, dietary, hygiene, and personal safety skills is not exactly news: piggy banks, for example, date all the way back to the fifteenth century!

But the Money Savvy Pig is no ordinary piggy bank! They have four chambers, one for each of the "money choices" that children have when they earn or receive money---Save, Spend, Donate or Invest.

Money Savvy Pig™

Order Now for
Just $15.99!

When you provide children with the Money Savvy Pig, you give them control over the money in their lives. Right there on their tummies, the Pigs prompt your child to consider what the best choice is and then allows them to make it ... thus educating them while building confidence because they don't feel controlled. They made the decision!

Get Kids Involved in Learning Basic Money Management in a Way They'll Enjoy!

With its award-winning design, the translucent, durable Money Savvy Pig allows both parents and children to see the results of the choices made over time. This gives parents the opportunity to discuss the choices and their implications and to teach the values and behavior appropriate to each child. This is the way that discussions about money are supposed to be! Respectful-no hassle.

In addition to the honors this toy has received from USA Today, Time Magazine, the Parents' Choice Foundation, Instructor Magazine, the San Diego Tribune, and many other organizations ...

Parents are Raving about the Money Savvy Pig:

The Perfect Gift for Any Child!

Money Savvy Pig:

  • 8.5" long and 6" in diameter
  • Come in color boxes
  • Accommodate coins of all sizes, including dollar coins

Also Included with Every Order of Money Savvy Pig:

  • A sheet of goal setting stickers to help kids track the goal for each of their money choices and three sets of eye colors to let kids personalize their new friend

  • A mini curriculum on box to help provide instruction around each of the four money choices: Spend, Save, Donate and Invest

The Money Savvy Pig
(in translucent , , , , or glitter (shown above)

Just $15.99 plus s/h!

"The Money Savvy Pig is THE BEST!! I saw the article in Time Magazine and had actually heard of this savings concept, but using labeled jars. The pig is much easier. My son is 5 years old and he already understands this savings concept. Thank you for developing such an educational and fun way for kids to understand finance."
     - Marilee E.

"Thank you for developing this product. I wish I had had one of these when I was young. I am buying them for my sons five and seven. I am especially impressed with the addition of a charitable donations slot. THIS is the kind of message we need to be sending to our children instead of the unbridled quest for 'more'. In these times we need to help our children see we are a tremendously wealthy nation and there is so much need in the world. Maybe our children will grow up to be a little more sensitive to the rest of the world and be able to garner a bit more respect and lessen the tensions we are experiencing now. Thank you for creating a tool that is truly helpful to parents!"
     - Rachel M.

Studies show that most consumers are struggling with personal finance, including debt. This includes our youth, as a recent survey designed to measure high school seniors' knowledge of personal finance basics indicates that students are not prepared to manage their money-especially credit.

Yet with credit cards now being offered to high schoolers (as early as their sophomore year!) and financial institutions now installing ATMs in high schools, the time to teach your kids and grandkids to manage their finances is "as soon as possible!"

Research proves that the way to help your kids and grandkids avoid financial carnage is to teach them the basics while they are young. Age 5 -12 is an ideal window of opportunity, as it's the most impactful time to reach and teach them about money.

And the Money Savvy Pig is the effective, highly praised and enjoyable way they will learn those skills. Says Claire S. Green of Parent's Choice Foundation:

"This product is original, educational, and morally commendable. And yes, it inspires creativity. It provides kids with the tools and the opportunity to see how dollars are spent. Perhaps this simple piggy bank is the key that will close the door on greed, and open others to thinking about consequences, planning ahead, and pondering generosity at times other than traditional holiday giving. Be it in turbulent economic times or not, we believe that this may be the educational toy of the year."

The Money Savvy Pig:

  • 8.5" long and 6" in diameter
    See a Close-Up Including an Explanation of Each Chamber!
  • Come in color boxes
  • Accommodate coins of all sizes, including dollar coins

And also included in every order are:

  • A sheet of goal setting stickers to help kids track the goal for each of their money choices and three sets of eye colors to let kids personalize their new friend

  • A mini curriculum on box to help provide instruction around each of the four money choices: Spend, Save, Donate and Invest

We bought four of your wonderful Money Savvy Banks for our children and we are so glad we found you!!! I have been looking for a product like the Money Savvy Bank for over 5 years. My mother had used small sectioned shoe boxes with openings in the lid for the exact same concept! As a result, all four of her children had each earned and saved most of their college education and living expenses before graduating from high school. The budgeting concepts we learned from mother's shoe boxes not only enabled each of us to finance our college educations with NO parental supplements, but we have also grown up to become financially independent, hardworking, money-saving adults with college degrees and families of our own. Knowing first hand the importance of teaching children early about earning, saving and investing money, I have been searching for a product that emulated my childhood shoe box bank. I was ecstatic to find the Money Savvy Pigs complete with the same money goals that I had scribbled on my shoe box years ago! Thank you for making it easier to pass on an inheritance of not simply wealth but wisdom!
     -Rachelle B., Roseau, Minnesota

The Money Savvy Pig
in translucent , , , or glitter

Just $15.99 plus s/h!

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