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Dangerously Funny Commercials! Funny Commercials That Remind You Why to NOT Use Toxic Cleaners!


Did you know that using cleaning sprays and air fresheners at least once a week can increase your risk of asthma by 30-50 percent? It can, so why expose yourself to this risk?

Unfortunately, many people are unnecessarily exposing themselves, and their families, to these toxic cleaning risks. In the videos that follow, funny as they may be, keep in mind that we in no way endorse the chemical cleaners contained therein!

How Long Will This Woman Stay Trapped … in Her Bathtub?

What makes this video rather scary is that cleaning a shower stall for 15 minutes with a product containing commonly used glycol ethers may result in exposures that are three times the recommended one-hour exposure limit!

What Happens When You Use the Wrong Cleaner?

What’s sadder than this man missing out on his peep show? Diethylene glycol found in window cleaners depresses the nervous system, while butyl cellosolve, also common in all-purpose, window and other types of cleaners, damages bone marrow, the nervous system, kidneys and the liver!

Funny Window Cleaner Commercial -- without windows, without glass, without Windex

If you want to see an Absolutely Boring yet true-to-life demonstration of how to get glass really clean of grease -- without toxic smearing cleaners -- using commercial-grade antimicrobial PerfectClean Patented Microfiber Cloths … that are only sold commercially to hospitals other than through SixWise… check out this commercial demonstration of PerfectClean we found on Youtube.

“Antimicrobial” Commercial Grade Microfiber Towels vs. Cotton Towels

Three More Must-See Cleaning Commercials!

We couldn’t resist sharing these three …

Toxic Alternative Satire: “Denial” All-Purpose Cleaner

Ever tipped a fellow washing car windows at a stop light? Real Stories:

George Formby singing “When I'm Cleaning Windows”

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