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Remix Your Plans for 2010 … Today’s Gonna be a Good Day!


Remix the Past "Getting Down" …
Put the Past in Perspective …
And Truly in the Past...
Open Yourself Up....
For What will Come!

Following the worst economic year since the Great Depression there were a lot of recording artists that incorporated the words "down, down, down" -- be it to describe what was occurring economically and financially for many families … or just by coincidence. 

Remix of Top 25 Billboard Hits of 2009

As you groove to this awesome remix of the Top 25 Billboard Hit Pop Artists Singing "Down, Down, Down"…  give it up, let go, let it be, retain the memory of any hardships from 2009, and renew your focus on "Getting Up.” Make a difference this year by being open to the new opportunities and experiences that will come each day. It’s time to renew you!
Let Joy and Inspiration Come Into Your Life! With Others! Together!

Today’s Gonna be a Good Day!

If you’re having a rough time in life, the old adage "Fake it Until You make It!" really holds true. 

The amazing performance in the video above was exactly that -- several thousand people in Chicago who mostly did not know each other, yet came together, "celebrating the past 24 Years" together, in unison, while focused on the moment that "Today's Going To Be A Good Day!"

Their passion even inspired Oprah!
So remember, this year to …

Put the past in the past … Renew!
Make each day really special for YOU!
Remix your memories, make a "plan" to Succeed …
Find the good day by day, and Believe!
God Bless You With Love,

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