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Heart-Wrenching Parental "Shot Dilemma" ...
Should Your Children Get Vaccinated?



Vaccinations are a hot topic, especially this year with the newly released swine flu H1N1 vaccination, which had very little safety testing before being released to the public. Now parents are being urged to get their children vaccinated with two flu shots this year, one for the seasonal flu and one for H1N1.

Parents are also being offered more elective vaccines than ever before, including Gardasil, a vaccine that protects against the sexually transmitted HPV (human papillomavirus), and is recommended for 11-12-year-old girls, along with those aged 13 to 26. However, the shot has been linked to serious side effects, including 32 unconfirmed deaths.

Woman Disabled by a 2009 Seasonal Flu Shot

60 Minutes Report: Possible Similarities to 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine Reported Devastating Neurological Issues

If you listen to the media, including the two videos above, there’s plenty of fearful statistics being released from both sides of the issue.

Most recently, President Barack Obama declared the swine-flu outbreak a National Emergency, a move that will allow health care facilities to respond more quickly to the "growing number of sick people."

The President wrote in the declaration: "The rates of illness continue to rise rapidly within many communities across the nation, and the potential exists for the pandemic to overburden health care resources in some localities."

The statement certainly would make parents feel a vaccination is an important step to help prevent this "rapidly" growing illness.

Barbara Loe Fisher, Founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) in Washington DC (talking with Natural health care practitioner, Dr. Joseph Mercola).

MOST IMPORTANT: “Becoming an informed healthcare consumer.”  

“We need to find out now whether (or not) all the vaccines that we are giving our children are setting them up (for chronic illnesses)”

“They (the US Government Officials) knew last summer that H1N1 was not as lethal as they first said it was going to be (for the mass population) … it was not mutating into a more lethal form (as it was and is mild for most people which the CDC now admits).”

“When they found this out (last summer) they didn’t adjust their strategy (number of vaccines they were having made)… now they’re stuck… they have over sold the dangers… with Billions (spent by the US Governments response). The people are smarter than the Government is giving them credit for being.” 

“There is a disconnect between the reality of the situation (not being the worst case scenario the US Gov. Officials predicted) and Government’s response (having continued its plan for the worst case scenario while continuing to march down the same road as if it were worst case scenario even now). The Government needs to take responsibility for not adjusting (to the changes in severity for the significantly lower numbers than they had predicated and the lesser public demand for the vaccine)”

“In fact infection in childhood may play a role in the maturation of the immune system necessary for (it) learning how to function normally and robustly (to diseases without vaccines)”     

Dr. Joseph Mercola (one of many Natural health care practitioners) stated:

“Most (H1N1) deaths occurred in immunocompromised individuals.

…every DAY 2,740 people are dropping dead from malaria, whereas less than 13 people per day died from the swine flu in the past year, worldwide (if you disregard that most died not as a direct result of the swine flu virus, but from having poor immune function which led to serious secondary infections and complications).

Did you ever wonder why malaria doesn't get much press coverage? Doesn't it strike you as odd that more isn't done to clamp down on such a deadly disease if governments are talking about quarantine centers at airports and suspending personal choice and freedom over the swine flu?”

This puts swine flu, and the decision of whether to vaccinate your children against it, in an entirely different light.

"Mild Swine Flu and Over-Hyped Vaccine"

This was the title of a recent article by Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). She writes:

"Every day Americans wake up to news reports that warn us about the dangers of influenza, especially the new H1N1 "swine flu" and the need to roll up our sleeves and get vaccinated. We are witnessing a roll-out of the largest, most expensive mass vaccination campaign in the history of our nation. A rollout that is bigger than even the polio vaccine campaigns of the 1950s.

How much do you know about the disease or vaccine risks so you can make an informed decision about whether to get flu shots for yourself or your children?"

And that is the question you need to ask yourself as a parent. Each of us has to do the research and make an informed decision for ourselves, and for our children.

Here is just a sprinkling of facts from Barbara Loe Fisher’s article to help you get started:

  • Swine flu is mild for most people, and the virus is not mutating into a more serious form

  • Swine flu vaccines have been tested on only a few thousand healthy people for a few weeks

  • There is little or no safety data on how the vaccine will react in pregnant women and chronically ill or disabled children

  • If you or your child is injured from a swine flu shot, you cannot take any legal action. Congress has shielded vaccine manufacturers and anyone giving swine flu shots from lawsuits.

  • Injectable flu shots in multi-dose vials contain the mercury preservative thimerosal

  • There is very little information about whether the swine flu shot will keep you from getting swine flu

Barbara Loe Fisher also writes:

"Federal health officials are already pre-emptively warning Americans that most of the deaths and cases of brain inflammation, seizures, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages and other serious health problems that develop after swine flu vaccination will be considered a "coincidence" and not related in any way to the flu shots just given."

Mercury Toxicity & Autism, Dr. Boyd Haley, Professor and Chair of the Chemistry Department at the University of Kentucky.

Robert Kennedy on the Vaccine Autism Coverup (Government Scientists Hide Vaccine/Autism Link)

No matter which decision you make, however, there is some important information you need to know and consider: how to minimize your child’s risk from the heavy metals vaccines often contain.

Detoxing Your Child (and Yourself) From Heavy Metals Before and After Vaccination is Crucial to Health

Many research studies in the U.S. and Europe have linked heavy metal toxicity with a wide range of illnesses including cancers, neurological degeneration, autism, attention deficit disorders, Alzheimer's disease, joint problems and even obesity.

And because heavy metal toxicity is very prevalent, most of us already have an accumulation of high levels, which are cumulative, meaning it builds up in your body over time. You could already have a dangerous level in your system.

This means one more vaccine shot "could" be the tipping point for one of many resulting illnesses.

The heavy metals from flu and other vaccinations will enter your body along with any others you’ve already accumulated from silver dental fillings, contaminated seafood and other foods, cosmetics, pollution, contaminated water and other sources, creating a potentially dangerous scenario. It would be wise to disarm this potential "time-bomb" now before it potentially causes serious illness or death.

If you want to see it with your own eyes, you can actually watch this video showing how mercury causes brain degeneration now!

So we highly recommend that if you’re going to get your child a flu vaccination, H1N1 vaccine or any other vaccinations, you use HMD™ (Heavy Metal Detox), a natural oral formula that helps to effectively eliminate heavy metals from your body, without any side effects.

Cleanse Your Body of Heavy Metals Using "Heavy Metals Detox" ("HMD")

HMD™ (Heavy Metal Detox) is a natural oral formula that helps to effectively eliminate heavy metals from your body, without any side effects.

If you or your child will be getting a seasonal or H1N1 flu shot this year, or both, the heavy metals from the vaccine will enter your body along with any others you’ve already accumulated from silver dental fillings, contaminated seafood and other foods, cosmetics, pollution, contaminated water and other sources, creating a potentially dangerous scenario.

Even if you do NOT plan to get vaccinated, it is still highly recommended that you use HMD as a preventative, nearly everyone living on this planet is affected by heavy metals in some way or another. It's in the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat -- such as fish, in our teeth (silver dental filings), in vaccinations (thimerosol and aluminium), and in various household furniture and bedding that we use every day, etc, etc.

It is considered safe for children to take HMD™ with no side effects, and you can view dosage guidelines here.

Learn More Including Why to Order HMD Now!

HMD™ is actually the ONLY chelator that has undergone a $1 million, three-year double-blind placebo-controlled research trial with several hundred people! During these three years over 25 different natural products and combinations were tried but the synergistic components of HMD were the only ones that worked for all metals tested. It presently has a worldwide patent-pending.

Dr. George John Georgiou -- HMD™ Inventor and worldwide Patent Holder -- has a Bachelor of Science honors degree in Biology/Psychology from Oxford Brook’s University, Oxford, England, a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Surrey, Guildford, England, a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Clinical Sexology from The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, USA. He also holds a Doctor of Science degree in Alternative Medicine from the International Open University of Alternative Medicine. His main research interests at present are studying the use of natural compounds in the detoxification of heavy metals.

Dr. Georgiou has put extensive research into the creation of this very powerful and very unique formula, and using HMD is a simple way to help your body and your child detoxify some of the harmful effects of heavy metals in your environment, and from vaccines.

To optimize results, it is best to take the Ultimate Detox Protocol, which comprises of the HMD™ along with drainage remedies to help remove the toxic metals from your body.

This would include an organic herbal remedy called Organic Lavage (Lavage is the French for "drain") that will help to open up the detoxification channels of your body such as the liver, kidneys and lymphatics as well as clean the blood, as well as organic Chlorella to help clear any metals in your gut and prevent them from being reabsorbed.

You also get a 10% saving on these when ordered together, and this is definitely the best way to chelate / detoxify your body.

Learn More Including Why to Order HMD Now!

Remember, whether you decide to get your children (or yourself) vaccinated is up to you, but if you decide to go ahead with it, then be sure to take this simple, extra step to help detox and protect your, and your child’s, health.

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