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Was the Freestyle Fishing Video Real or Fake?



Last week we asked Sixwise readers to tell us their thoughts about the following, incredible, video.

What did the readers say?

The majority believed it was … FAKE!

But there were a fair number who also thought it could be real. Here’s a breakdown of what you all had to say. And THANK YOU to all who took the time to respond!

“Real, California sport fishing license requires fishing only with angle and line, as hand catching is so much easier that it is no longer sport. I hand catch trout when the hook and line fails to check the stomach for contents and try to match the bait with a fly.”
            --Victor Geberin,Escondido, CA

“It could be real because there are a lot of fools out there that will try to do a lot of crazy things just for the thrill of it.”

“Fake. Who was filming? Must have been in the water for a while to set up the shot.”

“Fake! Where did the underwater camera conveniently come from?”

“I think it is fake because there was a camera under water. It was staged.”

“The marlin could well have been totally exhausted after presumably being fought from a Game-fishing launch that also had the underwater camera set-up (as with all the ITM TV shows). Jumping onto it would then be quite feasible. However, it still makes for great filming.”
--Mike Godfrey, Tauranga, NZ

“Fake - he was wearing sunglasses when he jumped - who would do that? And the photo jumps to water splash rather than nonstop filming. My vote is definitely fake.”

“I think it is a little of both as they had someone taking pictures in the water capturing the whole thing. The question is, did he catch the marlin when jumping from the helicopter or did he catch it from swimming from a boat. I think it was a little cut and paste with photoshop.”

“Fake. How could you place underwater cameras in the right location?”

“It looks real. Anyway, it was exciting to watch. Thank you!”

“It sure looked real but these days you never can tell.”

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