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MiniMate Refrigerator Unit
Reports from Consumers and Professionals

Refrigerator Unit

MiniMate Refrigerator Unit

Learn More and Order the MiniMate Refrigerator Unit Now

Food contamination is not a myth. Every year there are food recalls from a variety of sources: packaged foods (both national and store brands); pet foods; raw, packaged or canned meats; fresh fruit and produce, in a bag or in your grocer's produce section; and, yes, both organic and non-organics. It may only be a matter of time before you or someone in your family gets sick from these germs which include both salmonella and E. coli.

News stories abound from reliable sources such as MSNBC and CNN about both food recalls and food safety concerns. But years ago the FDA approved the activated oxygen technology employed in the MiniMate for use on and around foods. This safe technology has been used for years in the wholesale produce and cut flower industries to extend the life of their products. Why? Because it kills the bacteria and mold that could spoil your food and make you sick (says the MiniMate manufacturer).

The MiniMate takes this technology and shrinks it down to an appliance not much bigger than the box of baking soda that is probably in your refrigerator now. But instead of just deodorizing it helps sanitize too, making it a great deal for anyone who is concerned about their health.

Below are some articles about the current food scares and how the MiniMate could help. These articles illustrate how important the MiniMate is and why so many people don't want to live without it.

Supplier Expands Beef Recall -- The New York Times

Botulism Investigation Closes Food Plant -- CBS News

Can We Trust What We Eat? -- SFGate

Spinach Recall -- USA Today

Tofu Recall Expanded -- Akron

Six Diagnosed in E. coli Outbreak -- BBC News

Kraft Recalls Chocolate -- Chicago Tribune

E. coli Infections Affect Ind. Children -- AP

E. coli Fears Spark Bagged Salad Recall -- AP

Food Recalls -- AP

Vernon Company Announced Pet Food Recall -- Courant

Recall of Cantaloupes -- Dole Foods

All Bacteria May Not Come Out In The Wash -- USA Today

No Increased Precautions After E. coli Outbreak -- MSNBC

MiniMate Refrigerator Unit

MiniMate Refrigerator Unit

Learn More and Order the MiniMate Refrigerator Unit Now

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