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Top Eight Unique Holiday Gifts for a Healthy Home and Office -- All for Under $50

Holiday Gifts

This year, give your family and friends gifts to warm their body, mind and spirit.

The holiday shopping season has officially begun (whether you like it or not). This year, you can avoid the crowds and fulfill even your pickiest relatives' holiday wishes -- by making shopping a breeze online with Sixwise's top recommended healthy holiday gifts.

The gifts to follow are not just any old holiday gifts. These have been handpicked by our editors to protect the physical or mental health of your loved ones this holiday season and in the months to follow.

Whether you're shopping for your workaholic uncle, your "soccer mom" sister, or your beloved grandparents, you'll find just the right gift to put a smile on their face.

1. Keep Your Veggies Fresher Longer With the MiniMate

The MiniMate is an evolution of that old box of baking soda you and your grandmother probably have in your refrigerators. Using FDA-approved technology, the Minimate can eliminate most of the germs or mold that may be living on your foods without harming the food or leaving behind any residue.

This is important as these molds and bacteria can make you and your family sick, and they can also spoil food before you have a chance to eat it. This is especially true with organic foods, since there are no preservatives to help ward off the germs. So the MiniMate not only keeps your food safer and healthier, it also saves you money by cutting down on the amount of food you have to throw out and replace.


Refrigerator Unit

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The MiniMate even helps neutralize pesticides and chemicals on your produce, leaving no residue except clean, fresh oxygen.

John Dearlove (former Interim CEO of said, "What a great gift! I gave this unique new MiniMate to my Mother who soon after raved with appreciation. She said it immediately and ever since has eliminated the smell of melons and vegetables while keeping them fresh and crisp in the refrigerator like never before. She said she can buy more produce and make fewer trips to the store, which with the gas prices and being on a fixed income makes a big difference."

This product has been featured by the Food Network's Paula Deen as a "Hot Pick" and was given the National Health and Wellness Seal of Approval.

For a limited time, get a MiniMate free when you order a Pionair Air Treatment System.

Order Your MiniMate Now!

PerfectClean Terry Cloths

PerfectClean Terry Cloths
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2. PerfectClean Terry Cloths ... to Clean Your House Down to a Microscopic Level

PerfectClean commercial-grade terry cloths, with patented built-in antimicrobial protection, are made of 100% safe ultramicrofibers that are only 3 microns in size, which is even smaller than many bacteria. These ultramicrofibers are by far the most effective cleaning material available.

Hospitals, schools, leading hotels, and other leading commercial organizations use PerfectClean terry cloths due to their deep-cleaning performance and durability that far surpasses anything else available, so why should you and your family settle for less?

They pick up anything in their path, down to those contaminants that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Plus, PerfectClean terry cloths' ultramicrofibers are naturally positively charged, while contaminants are negatively charged. That means that wet or dry, and unlike the old common types of rags that simply spread microscopic contaminants around when you wipe with them, PerfectClean terry cloths hold fast to everything they pick up -- and no toxic chemical cleaners are needed.

PerfectClean eliminates the need for most toxic sprays and cleaners for the kitchen to the bathroom and throughout your house. It even eliminates stubborn mirror smudges in a single wipe -- with or without water (unlike glass cleaner spays, which only add to the problem).

With PerfectClean, you can clean safer and less expensively throughout the year, just like the commercial organizations do, but without the toxins.

Also, remember that younger kids like to share everything, including their germs. Tuck a PerfectClean terry cloth into your little one's pocket or backpack, and they'll be able to quickly remove germs from their hands throughout the day (with no water or cleansers needed)!

Order PerfectClean Terry Cloths Now!

Car Ionizer

Car Ionizer
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3. Breathe Easy During Your Commute With a Personal Air Purifier

The Car Ionizer uses negative ions to eliminate pollutants and allergens from the air in your car. There are no filters to be changed and it can be recharged over and over by plugging it into your car adapter.

Because the car ionizer is detachable, once you arrive at your destination, such as church, school, or your doctor's office, you can bring it in with you to help reduce your chances of getting an airborne virus, and to reduce odors.

This is the perfect gift for anyone with asthma, allergies or nagging coughs, as it will help them to breathe easier throughout the coming year.

Order a Car Ionizer Now!

Wellness Water Wand

Water Wand

Order Now

4. Drink Pure Water Anywhere With the Wellness Water Wand

The Wellness Wand is your portable partner protecting you from the harmful effects of chlorine and improving the taste of the water you drink.

Chlorine in drinking water has been linked to significant increases in the likelihood of cancer, along with stomach discomfort and eye/nose irritation -- and it can be harmful even at low levels.

Proper hydration can absolutely reduce your risk of certain cancers like colon, breast, bladder and kidney cancer. It boosts mental performance, helps the body recover from physical injuries and aids in the detoxification of the body.

Proper hydration also aids in weight loss, improves digestion and can even improve sexual performance. Despite doctors and scientists telling us about its importance for years, its essential role in our health is so overlooked and underappreciated, that it has truly become the forgotten secret of health.

What do YOU want for the holidays?

This charming animated video has a gift idea for everyone on your list.

Wellness Filter® products have been extensively tested, and were developed initially for the Japanese Olympic Swim Team. They are used in over 100 Hospitals in Japan.

Just swirl the Wellness Wand in your glass of water for 15 seconds, and it reduces harmful free radicals like chlorine and chloramines so you can drink pure, fresh, great-tasting water anytime, anywhere.

Order a Wellness Water Wand Now!

Wash Dem Veggies

Wash Dem Veggies
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5. Enjoy Clean, Pesticide-Free Veggies With "Wash Dem Veggies"

Safely remove toxic pesticides, dirt, mold and other residues from your family's produce with Vermont Soap Organics' Wash dem Veggies.

Many of us already wash our fruits and vegetables before consumption, usually with a detergent, which is simply exchanging one chemical for another. Detergent can be toxic to your health and the environment -- and their residues have been linked to specific health issues.

Soap is better than detergent. Soap is made of materials found in nature and Vermont Organics Wash Dem Veggies is a safe, natural soap-based alternative you can use to eliminate all the dangerous residues from your family's foods.

Order Wash Dem Veggies Now!

6. Eliminate Stress From Your Life With "Staying Healthy in a Stressful World"

Staying Healthy in a Stressful World

Staying Healthy in a Stressful World
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This highly praised DVD will be a literal lifesaver to anyone who is struggling with stress. It provides a complete training program by Dr. Peter Reznik, one of the most respected mind/body integrative therapists of our time (a recognized expert in mental imagery, dream work, and clinical hypnosis). This highly recommended DVD will help you:

  • Identify the Three Major Sources of Stress and embark on a practice for transforming your stress into life-enhancing experiences.

  • Choose from a menu of 14 Short Mental Imagery Exercises for addressing such stressors as: Anger. Anxiety. Being Hurt. Being Overwhelmed. Decision Making. Difficulties letting go of the workday. Disappointment. Fear of unwanted consequences. General anxiety about life. Guilt or regret about an error made during the day. Restless mind. Sadness. Time pressure. Worry.

  • Learn and practice the Physical Stress Buster series, designed for use right at your desk.

  • Use the Mind-Body Progressive Relaxation to shift gears, replenish your energy, and increase your vitality and clarity of mind.

Order "Staying Healthy in a Stressful World" Now!

Stretching Toward a Healthier Life DVD

Stretching Toward a Healthier Life
Order Now

7. Loosen Up With the Stretching Toward a Healthier Life DVD

Proper stretching is one of the most widely recommended methods to help you look and feel younger, live longer, avoid and even overcome serious health issues, and increase your mental concentration and emotional well-being.

And if you have back pain, neck pain, or pain in your knees, shoulders, arms, hands or other parts of your body, you are doing yourself an extreme disservice by NOT stretching.

The best part of all is, when you do the RIGHT stretching exercises as presented in this "Stretching Toward a Healthier Life" DVD (which now has FREE SHIPPING for a limited time), you will actually feel great while doing them, as well!

Order Your Stretching Toward a Healthier Life DVD Now!

8. For the Kids, the Money Savvy Pig Piggy Bank

One of the best gifts that you can give your children is a solid understanding of how to manage their finances when they're older.

The award-winning Money Savvy Pig has four chambers, one for each of the "money choices" (save, donate, spend, invest) that children have when they earn or receive money.

Money Savvy Pig

Money Savvy Pig
Order Now

When you give your kids their allowance, or they receive a cash birthday gift, make sure you discuss it with them. Ask them how much they think they should save, how much they should donate to charity, how much they should spend and how much they should invest.

These banks work so well because as kids make choices about what to do with their money, they're able to actually see the results. Without even realizing it, your kids are getting a real lesson in how to manage their money, long before they've even received their first paycheck.

Order Your Money Savvy Pig Now!

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