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15 Key Tips to Defend Yourself if You Ever Must Defend Yourself in a Fight

Hopefully you will never have to use the advice in this article, but if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself, knowing how to do it can literally save your life.


Would you know what to do if you were attacked? Take this free, educational, and possibly life-saving test to find out.

There is, of course, a distinct difference between self-defense and fighting. Self-defense is done purely out of necessity, to protect yourself because there is no other choice. Fighting, on the other hand, is a mutual decision by two people to physically fight, when other avenues to remedy the situation existed. Whereas self-defense is legal, it is illegal to fight someone physically for another purpose.

The tips in this article are to be used purely for defensive reasons only, however they are not your best option in an attack.

If you find yourself being attacked, the BEST option is to run away. If you can't get away and you are being attacked by a thief, throw the object they are after (your purse, wallet, watch, etc.). This way, they're likely to leave you alone and go after the material goods.

If You Can't Get Away, Here's How to Defend Yourself

  1. Yell for help. Many attackers will leave if you attract attention, so yell "Fire," "Call 911" or "Help," knock over a trash can or do anything else you can to make some noise.

  2. Don't punch, as this can break your fingers. Instead, use your fist like a hammer and come down on the attacker's head or collarbone. Or, hit with your palm open, using the heel of your hand.

  3. Use anything you can as a weapon. This could be your purse, pepper spray if you have it, an ashtray, keys (keep one in between your fingers when you strike), belt buckle, brief case, hairspray, book, or bottle.

  4. Keep your hands in front of your face to protect it.

  5. Kick with your shin, or with your foot flat, not with your toes.

  6. Use your knee or foot (the bottom of your flat foot) to kick the attacker in the groin.

  7. Poke your thumbs into the attacker's eyes.

  8. Use your elbow to hit your attacker in the face, chin, or throat, which can damage his airway.

avoid confrontation

Your best choice is always to avoid a fight if possible. When things start to get tense, don't get caught up in an argument, just leave.

  1. Strike at the most vulnerable body parts, which are the:

    • Eyes

    • Nose

    • Knees

    • Groin

    • Ears

    • Throat/Neck (front or back)

  2. Stomp down on the attacker's foot with your heel.

  3. Keep your mouth closed with your teeth clenched to protect your jaw (as opposed to leaving your mouth open).

  4. If you are small make yourself smaller by crouching. Avoid facing a larger opponent head-on, instead use your size to dodge punches and use your strongest body parts (your elbows, your legs, your knees) against the attacker's weakest areas (face, groin, knees, throat).

  5. Push your thumbs into the hollow of the attacker's neck (below the Adam's apple on men).

  6. Use your head as a weapon. To do so, quickly bang your head against their chin or face (this works well if you're grabbed from behind).

  7. If necessary, use your teeth and bite your attacker (this could potentially transmit a disease to you, if the attacker has one, but it's worth the risk if it saves your life).

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