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How the Memories of 9/11 Can Help You Focus on What Matters: A Review of Beyond Stone and Steel

"Three buildings, four planes, thousands dead. Where were
you when you heard the news? Where did you go?"
--Beyond Stone and Steel

This sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks impacts us all in different ways. Those in the buildings and on the planes, their families and friends, may feel remorse, anger, or regret. Others further removed experience sympathy, or perhaps uncertainty of what the future holds.

Beyond Stone and Steel

Beyond Stone and Steel: A Memorial to the September 11, 2001 Victims will prompt you to focus on what really matters in your own life.

Most everyone, however, has the chance to look back on that tragic day as one of transformation.

A wake-up call to what really matters in life.

Beyond Stone and Steel: A Tribute to the Victims of September 11, 2001, written by Brian W. Vaszily, columnist and author of's "Live Deeper" blog, is a message of hope to everyone who needs to find their life's silver lining.

Unlike other 9/11 accounts that replay the day's events, Beyond Stone and Steel is a tribute to those who died in the attacks, told through their own voices.

Readers get a glimpse of the very thoughts that were passing through victims' minds in the minutes surrounding each phase of the disaster -- from first the mundane, "He would no longer gorge on pastrami sandwiches at lunch," and later, as the morning unfolds, the pure realization of what was most important to them: their families, their friends, their personal dreams.

The fictional characters in this book are as real as you and I. As were the thousands of victims on 9/11.

But perhaps, right now, you are plowing headlong through your day, worrying about bills or your job, holding on to resentments over minor bickering with your spouse or best friend, letting the driver in the next lane set off your temper.

And that is exactly why you need to read Beyond Stone and Steel.

Though told in the poignant setting of one of the world's greatest tragedies, Beyond Stone and Steel is a brilliant story of hope, one that has great importance for everyone, in every stage of their life.

Vaszily's accounts of what goes through one's mind at the moment of truth -- the young solider killed in the Pentagon, the firefighter running UP the stairs while everyone else runs out, or the man trapped in the building's rubble who longs for his wife -- will make you want to hug your children tighter than ever, kiss your spouse like you did when you first met, and call up every old friend you've lost touch with.

In other words, it will instantly make clear what really matters in life.

And what better result could come of a tragedy than an affirmation of life, and a lesson to treasure it each and every day?

Whether you are looking for a way to reflect on the events of 9/11, or would like to rediscover the inspiration in your own life, Beyond Stone and Steel is your beacon of light.

This little classic will become one of the most treasured, and necessary, books in your home library.

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