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15 Delicious, Healthy but Uncommon Melons

Melons are great sources of antioxidants and they lend just the right amount of crunchy, cool, sweetness to picnics and barbecues on hot summer days.

While we're all familiar with our old favorites -- watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew -- there are endless varieties out there that will easily become a summer (and fall and winter) staple.

Most all melons are quite healthy, having lots of nutrients like vitamins A and C and potassium, few calories and a high water content to quench your thirst, so there's really no reason not to give these tasty, uncommon melons a try!

Persian: These taste similar to cantaloupes, but are larger in size.
Casaba: Their white flesh has a mild, sweet flavor, and they're at their best in the fall.
Charantais: Also called French or French Breakfast Melons, these melons are said to be among the tastiest varieties in the world. They are a smaller melon (about the size of a large grapefruit) with a very sweet, orange flesh.
Emerald Pearl: These melons were imported from Japan. They have a green, very crisp flesh with a sweet flavor.
Santa Claus: The Santa Claus melon (sometimes called the Christmas or December melon) peaks during December. It looks like a small watermelon on the outside and a honeydew on the inside. The sweetest Santa Claus melons have a yellow tinge.
Galia: A cross between a honeydew and cantaloupe with a very sweet, juicy flesh.
Kiwano: Also called Horned melons or African Horned Cucumbers, these striking melons have a soft flesh that tastes like cucumbers.
Ambrosia: These are very similar to cantaloupes, but with a more intense flavor and aroma.
Sprite: Sprite melons originated in North Carolina. They're small (weight less than a pound) and have a crisp flesh that tastes similar to apples, pears and honeydew.
Juan Canary: These large melons are bright yellow and football-shaped, with a sweet, cream-colored flesh.
Amish: These large, oval-shaped melons have a sweet, juicy orange flesh.
Burrell's Jumbo: A popular melon among home gardeners, Burrell's Jumbo melons have sweet salmon-colored flesh.
Banana: These banana-shaped melons have a sweet and spicy pink flesh.
Cavillion Espagnol: A large, Spanish heirloom melon with a sweet, yellow flesh.
Pride of Wisconsin: A Midwest heirloom melon with a sweet, flavorful flesh and a football shape. Look for them at Midwest farmer's markets and roadside fruit stands.

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