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The Luxurious, Historic Hungarian Bathhouses:
Unusual & Interesting Travel Destinations #6

Hungary is fast becoming one of the world's premier spa destinations, but it has actually been popular since ancient times. The Celts and then the Romans discovered this "land of abundant waters," and they took advantage of the vast thermal springs and waters for under-floor heating and regular bathing at some of the first bathhouses.

Lake Héviz

The mineral-rich water of Lake Héviz is 85-90 degrees F, year-round.

Later, during the 150-year Turkish occupation of Hungary, more elaborate bathhouses were constructed, some of which are still standing today.

The Land of Healing Waters

Hungary is located in the Carpathian basin, in an area where the Earth's crust is thin and thermal springs are abundant (and can easily flow to the surface). The waters are rich in natural minerals and are known for having therapeutic, healing properties, particularly for rheumatic, inflammatory and muscular ailments.

"Underneath some 80 percent of Hungarian territory you can find some kind of medicinal waters," says Bela Pal, a state secretary for the tourism office of the Prime Minister's office.

The Hungarian National Tourism Office jokes that all you have to do is poke a stick in the ground anywhere in Hungary and up will come thermal water. The country is home to:

  • 1,289 thermal springs

  • 39 medicinal baths

  • Five medicinal caves

  • 48 certified mineral or medicinal water springs

  • Enough spa facilities to accommodate 300,000 people at the same time

Spas and baths in Hungary are diverse. Some are historic Turkish baths with elaborate domed ceilings; others are simple bathhouses frequented by locals, while still others are part of newly constructed luxurious hotels and resorts, or outdoor lakes and springs.

Some of the Most Popular Spas and Bathhouses in Hungary

Gellert Hotel bathouse

The Gellert Hotel in Budapest holds one of the most historic and most elaborate bathhouses in Hungary.

No matter what type of bathhouse experience you are looking for, chances are you can find it in Hungary at one of these popular spa destinations (most of which are very affordable compared to U.S. spa prices):

  • Lake Héviz: Located about three hours outside of Budapest, Lake Héviz is the largest thermal lake in Europe and the second-largest in the world. It boasts 85-90 degree F, mineral-rich water year-round. Fed by hot and cold mineral springs from a cave below the surface, the water is mildly radioactive and said to ease rheumatism and help with relaxation. The waters of Lake Héviz are said to be so powerful that it's recommended you only soak for 20 minutes at a time.

  • The historic baths of the Gellert Hotel: Located in Budapest, the Gellert Hotel has one of the most well-known and elaborate bathhouses in the area. It's known for its art-nouveau design, complete with spiral marble columns, lion statues that spout water and an ornate steel and glass-domed ceiling. There is an outdoor sunbathing area and wave pool, along with a thermal pool that is filled with jets. Steam baths, massages and other spa treatments are also available.

  • Szechenyi Furdo: Also in Budapest, Szechenyi Furdo is a large public spa that is popular with the locals. Housed in a neo-baroque structure, the spa has an indoor thermal pool, steam baths, several outdoor pools (one more quiet, others with jets and waterfalls) and massage services.

To Plan a Trip ...

Interested in planning a trip to Hungary's thermal waters? Check out these informative links:


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