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How to Spring Clean Your Home to Best Prevent Physical Disease & Emotional Distress

All the fresh spring air in the world can't compete with the winter's worth of dust, grime and stuffiness that envelopes most homes at this time of year.

Spring cleaning is the best way to give your home a complete makeover -- which means you and your family will actually be able to feel the natural freshness that comes with the new season.

Spring Cleaning

Let the freshness of spring enter your home by doing some spring cleaning of your own.

Not only is spring cleaning your home great for your mind -- returning from work to a truly clean, clutter-free home is proven to be one of the prime contributors to a sense of calm and well-being -- but if done properly, it will help to prevent disease and illness in your home.

Here's a game-plan that will give you a sparkling clean home with the least amount of time and effort on your part.

First, Get the Right Tools

Professional cleaners all have one thing in common: they come prepared. Running downstairs every time you need a towel, mop or cleaner is one of the biggest mistakes (and time-waster) that amateur cleaners make.

Before you start, make sure you have rags, a mop, dusters and cleaners -- but make sure they are a high-quality, non-toxic variety. Investing in a few really good cleaning tools will make your job much easier, and will be less expensive in the long run because you won't need to replace them as often.

When it comes to cleaning tools, highly recommends the PerfectClean line of terry-cloths, dusters and mits - the same tools used by leading hospitals, hotels, and other organizations that depend on environments that are clean down to the biological level.

Rather than just pushing dust and dirt around, or worse, stirring it up into the air, all PerfectClean products are made with positively charged ultramicrofibers that pick up everything in their path -- including the biological and toxic contaminants that no other cleaning tool or solution can touch.

As for cleaning supplies, most commercial cleaners are toxic and contain harsh chemicals that are poisonous if inhaled or spilled on the skin. Oven cleaner, for instance, contains all of these dangerous ingredients:

Manyof the individual substances in a wide array of cleaning products -- from toilet bowl cleaners to spray cleaners to laundry detergents -- have been linked to cancer, reproductive problems and damage to the central nervous system.

Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine is made with saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, as well as essential oils, organic aloe vera and rosemary extract, creating a unique, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaner.

If you're looking for a top-notch cleaning line that's completely safe for you and the environment, we also highly recommend the EnviroRite line of non-toxic cleaning products, which contain no hazardous ingredients, petrochemicals, perfumes, dyes or animal byproducts.

Another unique, and very effective, multi-purpose cleaner is Vermont Organics' Liquid Sunshine Non-Toxic Cleaner. It's a powerful cleaner, with a citrus scent, that delivers dramatic results with a multi-functioning non-toxic formula that's safe and mild, even on your skin.

Get Organized

Before you begin cleaning you should take a quick walk through your home and pick up anything that does not belong. Put things away, throw things out and gather items that you don't need or use anymore (put these in a bag for charity).

Then, gather the cleaning supplies you'll need for all of your cleaning and keep them with you (a bucket works well for this). Put on some old clothes and a lively CD and you're ready to start.

Get Cleaning

The general game-plan for each room is the same: clean from top to bottom (dirt will fall to the floor as you clean) and only circle the room once. Clean all that you can from each position you're in (at the sink, for instance) before moving on. Move in a clockwise movement around the room if it will help you remember where you've cleaned already.

For a total spring cleaning, pay attention to the details in the following rooms.

In the Kitchen

  • Empty and wash out the trash can

  • Spot wash air vents, walls, handles, switch plates and other surfaces

  • Clean out the refrigerator and freezer (discard old foods, wash the produce bins and shelves, don't forget the handle!)

  • Vacuum or wash blinds or curtains

  • Clean small appliances, including your microwave, toaster, blender, etc.

  • Remove burners and knobs from stovetop and clean

  • Wash the sink, paying special attention to the drain

  • Clean out cabinets and drawers (remove items you don't use and reline them if necessary)

  • Wash countertops, then floors

  • Run the dishwasher through empty once to clean it out

Spring Cleaning

A clean home can do wonders for your peace of mind.


  • Clean mirrors, faucets and light fixtures

  • Vacuum vents, fans and ceiling corners

  • Clean the shower and tub

  • Empty the trash basket and wash it out

  • Clean the toilet, inside and out

  • Vacuum, then wash, the floor

  • Vacuum or wash blinds or curtains

  • Shake rugs outside then wash them

  • Clean out the medicine cabinet and wash it

  • Remove unused items from the shower and under the sink

Living/Family Room

  • Dust and clean ceiling corners, ceiling fan, wall art and photographs

  • Vacuum or wash blinds or curtains

  • Vacuum and clean couches and chairs

  • Remove knick-knacks and books from shelves and wipe them down

  • Dust surfaces, lamps and knick-knacks (don't forget to dust off houseplants)

  • Vacuum and clean carpets and floors

  • Clean your door mats so dirt isn't transferred into your home


  • Dust and clean ceiling corners, ceiling fan, wall art and photographs

  • Vacuum or wash blinds or curtains

  • Wash all your bedding (linens, mattress pad, dust ruffle, comforter, pillows, etc.)

  • Dust all furniture, including knick-knacks

  • Vacuum the carpet or floor

  • Clean out your closet (put items you have not worn in awhile into a bag for charity)

Enviro-Rite Non-Toxic Cleaning Line: Safe Cleaning Products for a Healthy Home

Enviro RiteUnlike most cleaning solutions on the market that contain harsh detergents, synthetic chemicals and harmful additives, the Enviro-Rite cleaning line is completely safe--they contain no hazardous ingredients, petrochemicals, perfumes, dyes or animal byproducts.

And, they're incredibly effective for all of your cleaning needs:

  • Enviro-Rite Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner: Intended for use on both carpet and upholstery, EnviroRite Carpet Cleaner is an excellent vegetable-based cleaning concentrate that replaces all petroleum-based formulations.

  • Enviro-Rite Dish Washing Liquid: Kitchen Sink Dishwashing Liquid makes quick work of dirty dishes and contains soy's natural moisturizing qualities to make washing dishes smoothing to your hands!

  • Enviro-Rite Spot Lifter: Spot Lift is an excellent, ready-to-use carpet and upholstery cleaning solution that makes house cleaning easy, effective and hazard-free!

  • Enviro-Rite Glass & Plexi Cleaner: Clearly Clean is a ready-to-use, high performance cleaning solution made with naturally occurring, renewable ingredients.

Check out the entire Enviro-Rite Non-Toxic Cleaning Line Now!

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