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The Youth-Restoring Benefits of (the RIGHT) Facial Masks

Clay facial masks and body treatments are mainstays of health and beauty spas all over the world. Today we use them largely for their ability to cleanse, detoxify and tone the skin, but ancient civilizations, well aware of the healing powers of the right types of clay, used clay for a variety of purposes, including:

Facial Mask

Using a high-quality facial mask regularly can leave you with brighter, healthier looking skin.

  • Native Americans used clay as body paint during religious ceremonies.

  • They also used clay as a "transformation masque." When applied to the body, it was thought that the clay allowed energy, healing and wisdom to pass through it.

  • Special preparations of clay were used to draw out poisons (from spider bites, bee and ant stings, poison ivy, etc.) from the body.

  • Clay was applied to the body for deep cleansing and detoxifying of the skin.

  • Clay was eaten with food to prevent stomach illness.

  • Egyptians used clay extensively in their spiritual culture.

  • Animals instinctively roll in mud or eat clay when wounded or ill.

Clay is such a popular ingredient in today's facial masks because it works in two ways. First, as the clay dries it draws out toxins and other impurities from the skin. At the same time, the minerals in the clay are absorbed by the skin.

The result is that debris is pulled out, pores and hair follicles are cleared, skin is exfoliated and it's left looking truly refreshed and with a younger, healthy glow.

In fact, some long-term care facilities are even embracing alternative therapies, including massage, acupuncture, tai chi, meditation -- and facials -- to help residents feel good. One such facility is the Jewish Home and Hospital Lifecare System (JHHS) in Bronx, N.Y.

"I find my facial soothing, relaxing, and it keeps my skin in good shape," said William Cheatham, 90, while having a clay mask facial. "It is refreshing, and I'm hoping it will ward off rigor mortis."

The Right Kind of Mask

Of course, not all clays are the same, and to get the maximum benefits it's extremely important to use a clay that is rich in minerals and really capable of cleansing the skin deeply.

Asiana Tropical Spa Therapy Facial Masks:
It's Like Giving Your Face a Vacation!

Asiana Tropical Spa Therapy Facial MasksAsiana Tropical Spa Therapy is the first U.S.-based company to feature luxury home-spa products made from all-natural ingredients indigenous to tropical Asia.

These facial masks come in three luscious varieties: Wild Turmeric, Asian Seaweed and Yogurt & Oatmeal and:

  • Contain 100% natural ingredients
  • Are made from mineral-rich clays
  • Use no animal testing
  • Revitalize and hydrate your skin
  • Beautify, purify and tighten your skin
  • Contain no synthetic preservatives
  • Cleanse, soothe and soften
  • Have healing properties to help combat pimples
  • Are harvested by local suppliers from around Southeast Asia

"I LOVE THIS PRODUCT LINE! As an aesthetician I'm up to my elbows with the amount of products in my personal stash, however, this one outshines them all. I'm extremely excited about this product line, particularly the facial masks, which never failed to leave my face feeling perfectly cleansed and refreshed. Truly a gem to be discovered!"

-Jackie, Mahwah, NJ

Learn more about Asiana Tropical
Spa Therapy Facial Masks Now!

White Thai mud and White Vulcan clay (from the volcanic islands of Indonesia) are two such varieties. They have similar properties to French or Chinese clays, but because they are natural resources of Asia, they may have more mineral content than the more recognized facial clays. That's where Asiana Tropical Spa Therapy Facial Masks come in.

The natural ingredients in Asiana's facial masks are more concentrated than those in cleansers and lotions; hence, facial masks are more effective and produce more noticeable benefits to your skin.

The mineral-rich clays used in these facial masks draw out toxins, absorb excess oil, and tighten, smooth, cleanse and soften the skin, making pores look smaller, resulting in a brighter and healthier complexion.

For best results, facial masks should be used once a week. If you find it hard to remember your weekly mask, try incorporating it into a weekly relaxation ritual. You can incorporate soft music, candles, a warm bath ... anything you like ... and you'll get not only the skin-refreshing benefits of the mask, but also the health benefits of stress reduction.

Facial Mask

A weekly facial can be part of a relaxing ritual to cleanse your skin and reduce stress at the same time.

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The Benefits of a Good Mask

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