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How to Party Hard to Improve Your Health


Improving your health doesn’t have to be all about crunches and carrot sticks! The video above shows simple and, more importantly, FUN ways to get in shape, live longer and stay healthier!

You’ve Got to Play as Hard as You Work … to Get Healthier!

When you take time to do something you love, such as spending time with your friends, levels of dopamine and serotonin rise in your body, which makes you feel calm and pleasant. Meanwhile, adult “playtime” gives you a chance to:

  • Connect with family, friends or new acquaintances

  • Reflect inwardly

  • Learn a new skill or hone an old one

  • Relax and de-stress

  • Be creative

 How to Laugh Your Butt Off … Literally!

Laughing raises your body’s levels of endorphins, natural "pain killers" released by your body, which also contribute to a sense of well-being. It is endorphins that are thought to be responsible for the good feelings that come after exercising (and possibly the so-called "runner's high") and orgasm.

Laughing also appears to have a very positive effect on your heart. In fact, studies have found that when you laugh, the improvement in blood flow is equal to the improvements seen after a 15- or 30-minute workout!

We suggest you exercise your right to feel GOOD and healthy not only by laughing, but also with some feel-good mind-body workouts too!

Benefits of Moderate Amounts of Red Wine … Mmmmm Good For You!

Red wine is one of the healthiest forms of alcoholic beverages there is. It contains an antioxidant known as resveratrol (it's in grape skins and red wine.) Resveratrol belongs to the polyphenol family, which are known to fight the effects of damaging free radicals.

Along with fighting free radicals, resveratrol reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer and may one day be used to extend lifespan in humans-already studies have found that it can extend the lifespan of yeast cells by up to 80 percent.

It’s true that not only a bit of red wine, but also eating a delicious healthy diet with plenty of raw foods can extend your quality of life!

How to Vacate Your Stress … With Two Well-Timed Vacations per Year!

A bit of travel, whether across the county or across the globe, can help you recharge your batteries and boost your mood. It doesn’t matter so much where you go, just that you enjoy your time while you’re there ... including taking time to rest up and relax.

Flirt and Enjoy Large Groups of Friends …

With the excuse and fact you’ll be getting healthier and likely outlive others by 22%!

One study of 37,000 people, conducted by James House, PhD, a University of Michigan sociologist, found that people who lived alone or had few friends were twice as likely to die over 10 years than people with more friends and family.

Further, according to Ohio State University researchers, having close friends helps keep your immune system strong during times of stress.

Building new friendships, and strengthening those you already have, is therefore a way to not only increase your enjoyment out of life, but also to improve your health and lifespan.

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