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16-Year-Old Daughter's Tribute to Her Dying Mother
This Will Soon be a YouTube Heartfelt Tearjerker Sensation


Touching 16-year-old Sarah Phillips' emotional loving tribute and song sung to her dying mother is set to become an Internet sensation as it gets thousands of hits online from’s hundreds of thousands of monthly newsletter subscribers like you, who we too so very much value and appreciate.

After saying an emotional farewell to her dying mother, Sarah Phillips, 16, in a touching moment of memories decided to produce her own personal tribute to her mother Debbie Phillips' four-year battle against cancer.

Alone in her bedroom, Sarah downloaded the words of the song "Autumn" by Scottish singer Paolo Nutini, from the Internet. She sang the song a capella, recording it with her cell phone. Her mother died the next day.

The video above, which features Sarah’s ballad set against an instrumental accompaniment along with footage carefully selected from family movies, was played for over 400 people at Debbie’s funeral.

Sarah uploaded the video to YouTube in the hopes of helping to raise money to fight against cancer.

This heartfelt video likely brings both wonderful and sad memories for all of us who have lost loved ones to cancer, or who currently have loved ones fighting cancer.

Sometimes sharing an emotional tribute like this with the world around you is one of the best ways to gain peace, so please feel free to share your loved ones’ names and your own personal tribute or request for prayers in the comments area below.

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Sources March 7, 2010

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