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Pet Exercise 101:
How Much Exercise Does Your Pet Really Need?



Pets need exercise just like you do, but getting enough can be a challenge. If you work long hours, for instance, or live in a very hot or cold climate, getting your dog outdoors for exercise can be a challenge. And even getting your indoor cat up off the couch may seem virtually impossible!

pet dog

Is this the way your dog spends her day? Keep reading for tips to get your dog or cat (yes, even your cat!) active again!

As a result most indoor cats, and many dogs, do not receive much physical activity during the day.

However, regular exercise is a necessity for every pet. For starters, the activity will help keep your dog or cat lean. As in humans, excess weight can increase the risk for a wide array of health problems in dogs and cats -- health problems that otherwise may be avoidable.

A lack of exercise, along with overfeeding and poor-quality food, is a leading cause of pet obesity, which has now emerged as the leading cause of preventable death in dogs and cats.

Aside from being a key to weight control, exercise offers an array of other physical benefits for your dog or cat, including:

  • Keeping your pet conditioned, agile and limber

  • Reducing constipation and digestive problems

  • Helping your dog sleep well through the night

Further, the mental benefits of exercise are also immense. Many destructive pet behaviors are the result of boredom and not having an appropriate outlet for energy. As a result, many pet owners notice remarkable changes in their pet’s behavior when they are well-exercised. In fact, regular exercise can help reduce or even eliminate the following destructive and annoying behaviors:

  • Excessive barking or whining

  • Destructive chewing

  • Hyperactivity, such as knocking over furniture

  • Garbage raiding

  • Nighttime activity

  • Rough play

How Much Exercise do Pets Need?

Your Cat Will Play Like a Kitten With the Ba-Da-Beam!

pet kat

Cats can be tough sells when it comes to toys … and even tougher when it comes to exercise.

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With an automatic rotating laser, this toy will peak the interest of even the pickiest felines, keeping your cat both mentally and physically engaged as it stimulates their natural desire to chase prey.

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cat toy

Before launching a pet exercise program, you should check with your veterinarian, but generally speaking pets need exercise every day, in varying amounts.

Even if you have a fenced backyard, your dog may not be getting enough activity unless he’s exerting himself to the point of panting.

Don’t expect your dog to start out with a 30-minute intense walk, however. You’ll need to condition your pet and work up to more intense activities, just as you need to do yourself if you haven’t worked out in awhile.

A good starting point for most dogs is a 10-15 minute, moderately paced walk. You can work up to 30 minutes, three times a week or, for athletic breeds, up to an hour per session. If you don’t have time to take your dog for regular walks, hiring a dog walker, or taking your dog to a supervised doggy day care, will provide a great alternative.

Dogs also benefit immensely from active playtime with their owners, doing activities such as playing fetch or tug. If your dog enjoys other dogs, a trip to the dog park for a game of Frisbee can be an excellent workout for both you and your dog.

You can also make an obstacle course using cardboard boxes or a broomstick laid across low pieces of furniture to encourage your dog to jump.

Cats, especially the indoor variety, can be harder to keep active but a bit of ingenuity on your part will go a long way. Experiment with a variety of toys for your cat and change them often to prevent boredom.

Most cats enjoy catnip-filled toys, such as Nigel the Octopus from or mouse toys like the 100% natural Wooley Bully.

Another simple option to keep cats entertained is a flashlight or laser pointer. Cats will wear themselves out trying to “catch” the light, and highly recommends the Ba-Da-Beam Hands-Free Rotating Laser Chaser from for all cat owners.

The best part about the Ba-Da-Beam is that it works automatically, giving your cat a workout while you make dinner or relax. It’s also extremely enticing for kitties, as it stimulates their natural desire to chase prey.

Exercise Safety Tips

When exercising your cat or dog, be sure to watch for signs of overexertion, such as excessive panting or lying down. These are signs that it’s time for a break. Also, be especially careful when exercising pets with flat faces, such as pugs, bulldogs and Persian cats, as they are vulnerable to respiratory distress.

Other breeds may also be prone to overexertion or injury, including toy breeds, dachshunds, young puppies and older pets, so always use caution and pay attention to cues from your pet.

You’ll also want to avoid exercising your dog in extreme heat or cold, which can lead to hypothermia, heat stress and over-exhaustion. In bad weather, take your dog to an indoor play park, or teach him to walk (with your assistance) on a treadmill!

Of course, always make sure your pet has access to fresh water during any exercise session.

Finally, do not underestimate the importance of keeping your pets mentally stimulated as well. Obedience training, food puzzle toys and chews will also keep your pet occupied, and should be used in combination with regular physical exercise.

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Sources January 16, 2008

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