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10 Top Predictions for 2010
and the Coming Decade



What will happen in the next 10 years? Will the economy flourish or falter? Will your life grow more joyful or more stressful? What will the world be like in another decade?

Only time will tell for sure, but rest assured for every downside there are upside opportunities when "Preparation Meets Opportunity."

Some of the following information is based on historical records and correlations plus dynamic changes in social, political and economic factors that you may not have been aware of. We encourage you to not accept any of these points on face value and also to not dismiss any based on preconceived notions or a lack of prior awareness, including not having heard them on the mainstream media.

In your opinion, which of the following Sayers are “psychic” vs. “psychotic”? Which are sharing beneficial predictions vs. simply protagonists?  

What are the facts that you can utilize as projections of trends that can help you successfully embrace and utilize or partake in embellishing or modifying change over the next decade? We suggest opening your mind to the possibilities, and seeking to prove up the truths -- or where “irrelevant to you and or your loved ones’ lives” simply dismissing as unsubstantiated facts and beliefs of future actions (which are the basis of what a prediction truly is).  

Howard H. Stevenson wrote: "Prediction is at least two things: Important and hard." Important, because we have to act, and hard because we have to realize the future we want, and what is the best way to get there.

Top 10 Predictions for 2010 and Beyond …

#10.0 Home Prices (low to mid range homes) will stay significantly below 2007 levels. Then prices will drop lower in most cold climate suburban areas toward the second half… and why?! 

Continued bankruptcy and foreclosures will continue to hold back the rebound of home prices in 2010 as the number of homes (inventory) will continue to greatly exceed demand.  During the course of the coming decade there will be a second collapse of home values and prices in large suburban cold climate areas especially two story and large homes.

This was predicted by CEO and Former CEO of John Longstreet Dearlove in the early 1980s for 2010-2015 due to Baby Boomer "Empty Nesters” no longer needing or wanting a large or even a two-story home.  As they begin getting arthritis, this will make climbing up and down stairs difficult.

#10.1 Homes in warm climates will gradually then dramatically increase in value as Baby Boomers recover financially and begin to retire.

Like the mid to late 1970's when the last large population retired and similarly affected the suburban home market, now similarly as Baby Boomers heal from their lost retirement funds they will begin retiring and moving to urban areas that are easy to get around and require no yard work. Urban high-end homes, condos, etc. will climb in demand and price!

Baby Boomers will also seek to move to warm climates like Arizona into one-story homes that require little to no yard work and due to progressing arthritis wanting no stairs to climb up or down.  Due to the market crash of 2008-2009, the recovery will slow most Baby Boomers’ retirement plans and slow the conversion and sale of their homes by several years … extending Dearlove’s 1980s prediction from Baby Boomers retiring in 2010-2015 to “more likely” he says “to 2012-2019 or even through 2022.”  This will slow the market changes to less dramatic levels than the mid to late 1970s.  What will hold back the upswing in retirement warm climate home purchases is dramatic market crash and another 911 level Terrorist attack shockwave.   

#10.2 Example of new merging businesses

Residential elevator businesses and stair chair-lifts will progressively flourish Dearlove predicted in the 1980s and still believes will occur due to the immense number of two-story homes that are unable to be sold and as  Baby Boomers begin experiencing reduced mobility and needed access to second-floor bedrooms they will seek such solutions.

#9.0 Another Stock Market Crash below 2009 levels (possibly as low as Dow hitting at or below 5,000)

This will be due to the rising equity markets on which claims of recovery are based on bailouts.  When the stimulus money runs out and due to FED having and continuing to overprint money flooding more and more money / currency which depreciates the U.S. dollar value (with the US government known to already be broke and other governments less willing to invest / support) will tip markets dramatically downward.

#9.1 “New American” Monetary Markets Merging

Such as the Euro in Europe will come the Americas: US, Canada, Mexico (plus eventually possible South America Countries) will merge into a New Amero America Union Dollars thought to be 15 years away might possibly occur before the end of the decade, but only if and once inflation reaches extreme high levels, in combination with dollar devalued such U.S. Gov. rationalizing.:

Historical Left and Right Perspectives on coming North American Union NAU?

NAU North American Union (Getting Ready for the “new Amero currency”) 

CNN-Lou Dobbs- Obama Backing North American Union Agenda

The timing of such changes will rely upon US citizen’s awareness, then acceptance and concerns for their Civil Liberties (vs. control by a few).
#9.2 Product Manufacturing: Moving from “Global” back to “Local”
China and Asian countries will first strengthen their position, followed by India, South America, and Local (vs. Global) gradually begining to replace Asian markets hold on manufacturing and production.

#9.3 Made in US and local high-quality products: from organic food to technology will begin coming back to the US based on demand for smaller portions, smaller better products made locally with trusted higher quality. The bigger is better mentality is out while smallest highest quality effective efficient is in. 

#8.0 Currency Crises (from Stagnation progressively to Inflation)

Everything we buy is going to go up due to the weakening value of the U.S. dollar combined with stagnation followed by skyrocketing interest rates and inflation rivaling the late 1970s! All goods will become more expensive as interest rates rise. This will further destabilize the world economy of all nations due to the U.S. reduction in consumption, which will impact and decline all markets to varying degrees.

#7.0 "New Media Communities of Interest"

Web on Large Screen TV Monitors from your computer in home and mobile computing systems including in 2010 new 3D media followed by integrated Internet systems will begin replacing Major Network Media who will "go out,” “go under” or “go-net." 

Traditional media will be replaced by relevant less controlled information and entertainment of personal changing interests on demand and scheduled by and around the viewer’s activities and schedule (vs. push media on the day's hype of mindless sensationalistic programming i.e. Tiger Woods affairs, etc.).  Sensationalistic news will be replaced by Smart Infomediary Access to "The Real News You Can and Will Use,” displacing old world media like the many newspapers that have gone bankrupt in past decade (i.e. Chicago Tribune, etc.). 

#7.1 Trusted non-selling Infomediaries will grow in popularity. Sources of local, national and international relevant information will rise to the top.  The major media will attempt and in many cases buy out the largest of these Infomediary media sources.  They will then aggregate these top media sources.  Much will again be controlled but with continuing small start-up sources who gradually replace the Infomediaries that sell-out to commercialization and blatant Gov. or political control for the early adopters to progressively the mainstream public… who are likely are just like you seeking fact based, honest, and truthful source based information.

#7.2 Government will gradually find ways to begin seeking to tax and control more Internet based media (as President Clinton and Vice President Gore attempted but failed to do in the 1990s due in large part to such organizations as the “Progress and Freedom Foundation” which SixWise CEO attended in 1992 with 100 others at founding meeting including writer George Gilder, Alvin Toffler author of “Future Shock”, CEOs and board members of top companies in computers, telecom, cable media, and some politicians like Newt Gingrich… all seeking to keep the Internet FREE commerce and Open communications without Gov. taxation or control).

#6.0 "Terrorism"

Attempted attack and terrorist activities reported on the rise in last weeks of 2009 are signs of what well could be just the beginning of which we can only hope does not continue to happen.  A wave of Anti-Americanism is highly prevalent and seeming to be growing likely due to foreign policy and U.S. self-image displacement, including:

  • President Obama's comments about U.S. policies past and present, which he made overseas during his first year in term. Example: America's Shame per President Obama stating during speech in France that U.S. has been "Arrogant", "Dismissive" and "Derisive"

  • Increased U.S. military actions

  • Psychological negative positioning in such movies as Avatar that seemingly profile what could easily appear to be U.S. military as the bad guys devastating the helpless culture for the benefit of a greed based corporate owned self-interest to profit without regard for this foreign culture and their lives (likely different perceptions for those in third world war devastated countries than audiences in the US) 

  • The fact that those with families abroad who have been and continue to have losses due to U.S. military actions, including reports of U.S. drones killing civilians, likely see the world differently than you and us being sheltered from these great difficulties and family tragedies.

While James Cameron suggested that any US military symbolism in Avatar is by coincidence only doesn't matter as we understood that this film sold more tickets worldwide than in the U.S., and it is hard to not perceive the military depicted in the film being any other than U.S. military or Blackwater type US militia. 

While it is already a classic with amazing 3D, excellent writing and incredible animation, the concern that remains is in the message that it is sending and that is portrayed.

What do people outside of the U.S. perceive -- especially those who we must be concerned with? Those who already seek to destroy the US but further seek to use propaganda and such films to influence young people who are only beginning to form their own opinions of the US -- without truly knowing all the US does that is good and supportive for their country’s people … which is often little known and not depicted?   

#5.0 New Automated Automobile Safety

More people in the U.S. die from traffic accidents than any disease or military service.  With young drivers texting and Baby Boomers aging, the threat of traffic accidents is a growing threat that must be prevented.  New devices will be created to stop cars from being able to start or giving warnings to pull over if a driver uses a hand-held device and looks down for a length of time taking their eyes off the road being a risk to others as great as or greater than drunk driving.

Vehicles will have added warnings and prevention devices to avoid accidents (such as Baby Boomers who begin to change lanes when a vehicle is in their blind spot, the vehicle will sound an alarm) and such accidents will begin to increase toward the end of the decade and into the next.    

#4.0 December 2012 Will NOT Be the END of the WORLD

Despite many 2012 prophesies on the History Channel and others stating the end of the world is near, December, 2012 will not be the end of the world -- so be careful to not drink the Kool Aid!

There will be many who as in past times, such as the early 1800s, sold or gave away everything they had as they were told and they fully expecting all to end on a specific date (which obviously it didn’t). They and their families were left with no means and no assets sitting in fields and on top of mountains waiting for the moment to come to be taken away due to believing in a few self-proclaimed doomsday sayers. This is NOT the first time such predictions left a wave of people in ruins.

If you do prepare for the worst and hope for the best you will NOT be devastated, possibly only disappointed when you’re left with your material possessions. At least you and your family won't be deceived by others taking advantage of your psychological misguided misfortune if the lack of such events are correct.

In fact we do recommend that you “prepare for the worst” (whatever the worst is) “and hope for the best!” You will then be well positioned for whatever may come.

3.0 Revitalization of "Wellbeing" and “Elegance” in many levels of physical and emotional expression.

As in the great depression, music and fashion was upbeat, positive and refined.  Having less will only mean people will seek to be seen in a light of positive images both physical, and mentally personifying their desired state of being.  Clothiers will be again making suits, for more men and women will seek to be dressed more fashionably (vs. strictly grunge and casual attire). 

#2.0  "Overabundance"

Nearly 400% Population Growth since the early 1900s will further Crash World Resources.  The world population in the beginning of 1900 was only 1.5 billion. Now the over 6.5 billion population is straining the world’s resources, and many countries, including the U.S., are finding large amounts of their population going to bed hungry.

Waste will be looked at much differently throughout this decade.  Quality vs. quantity will become the focus.    

#1.0 "Survival"

Your Health will be Perceived and Realized as Your Wealth (Your Health being Your Greatest Wealth).

Strength will be measured differently with the basis of the New-Age being your Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit!  With obesity levels at 34% of the U.S. population at the end of the first 2009 decade, and estimated to reach obesity rates of 44% in the new decade, the resulting illnesses will change life preferences.  Also with the gap between “the have's and have not's” being wider and widening in the U.S. and across the globe, new priorities will emerge.

Creating strategies of how to be smart in getting healthy and retaining your family’s wealth of whatever meaningful assets you do have will be similar to the great depression’s focus.  Central family values will return, driven highly by the X-generation who, having seen the demise of their parents’ and grandparents’ legacy, and who have greater dependencies on them.  Their focus has already and will even more so change for the better.

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