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4 Year-Old’s Inspiring Speech
What We Might All Enjoy & Benefit From


This is an encouraging motivating example of how to overcome what is Seemingly Impossible!

Riveting Speech Given by a 4 Year Old:

Herb Brooks' pre-game pep talk before the famous 1980 "Miracle" game against the Soviet Union… as performed by "Rizzo" (4 years old)

Next Time You’re Nervously Preparing for an Interview or Public Speech Remember This!

Knowing that this 4 yr old gave this speech might be just the inspiration you need to stay calm, and focused, with strong voice inflections the next time you are in an interview, presentation, or on camera, etc.

Just let it flow.

Miracle - Coach Brooks Addresses Team Pre Game

Here's what Kurt Russell's speech sounded like in the film: "Miracle"

This 4 year-old’s name is Josh, nicknamed "Rizzo" after the gold medal-winning team's captain Mike Eruzione.

His father Jim Sacco said his son must have watched the movie over 105 times then began reenacting this scene.

Jim Sacco decided to film his son giving the speech by putting him in his Easter Suit that resembled the suit Kurt Russell wore in the movie. Then, to send it to friends and family, instead of burning several hundred DVDs, he instead simply put it on YouTube.

Obviously more than just a few friends and family have now seen it.

We thought you too might find it both fun and possibly inspirationally beneficial.
Please feel free to click here to pass it along.

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