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"We The People" Stimulus Package:
What Did YOU Have to Say About This Controversial Video?



We asked you your opinion on the controversial “We The People” Stimulus Package video last week, and you responded with intense opinions.

Over 3,000,000 people have seen this video already, but in case you missed it you can view it right now:

Thank you to ALL who took the time to share their thoughts; if you know of anyone who would enjoy the video above and these comments that follow, please pass it on to them as well!

While we could not possibly reprint all the comments we received -- and there were MANY excellent ones -- here is just a sampling that you may find interesting.

Question: What did you think of the "We The People" Stimulus Package video? Readers Respond:

“This is one of the most truthful, concise, and to the point declarations of what has happened here in America today that I have heard or seen. It is time, and high time, we woke up to what has gone on, and what is going on now, and do something about it!! Sound the alarm! Wake up!! Do something!! It has gone this far because we have stood silent and allowed it to happen. We have thought someone else will do it.”
--Jim Milam, Bellevue, Iowa

“I think the We the people stimulus package is a great video and hits the problem right on the head. It brings our national problems in to sharp focus. However I think the solution to these problems will never materialize until the American people wake up from their stupor. Every effort should be made to contact every citizen we can especially through personal contact and tell them that we must all take action in any way we can in order to change this dire situation. Thank you for this forum.”

“I agree wholeheartedly except for when he says, “…Abolish the Electoral College and put the election of the President back in the hands of, ‘We the People.’” We are not a Democracy; we are a Representative Republic. The genius of the Electoral College is that it ensures that all voters have a say in electing the President regardless of their respective state’s population density. Without the Electoral College a handful of states would nearly always elect the President because these states hold the largest percentage of the population. Remember, a Democracy is where the “simple majority” rules.”
--Michael Cannon, Stone Mountain, GA

“I totally agree!! Amazing what a nation of blind sheep we have become to have let this happen.”

“No words were ever spoken with more truth. I agree with every word being said.”
--Ronald Elliott, Claremore, Oklahoma

“This is absolute. If we sit and do nothing our country will surely fail....and you’re will need a gun.”
--Glenn Stansbery, Denver, PA

“What … good will sending a tea bag to someone make? NONE!! I agree with some of the other points made and believe the U.S. citizens should make our voice heard. We did that on November 4, 2008. I believe the country needs to collect taxes in order to keep functioning, all taxes are not BAD OR UN-NEEDED! Some may need to be repealed or reduced but everyone should pay their fair share. Right now, working middle class people are carrying the tax burden on their backs because the wealthiest among us use every tax loop hole to pay as little tax as possible. To me that is unfair and should be changed/reversed. SENDING A … TEA BAG IS STUPID!!!!”
--Gloria Auburn Hills, MI

“I cannot see how anyone, including our president, could logically argue with the statements made. Most likely it would be a non answer, deflecting and trying to focus on anything BUT answering the questions and dealing with the subject at hand. Sad discourse on our country.”
--Jack Wachtel, Marietta, Georgia

“It is good to hear that I am not alone in my outrage at the way our country is being systematically destroyed by the president and his minions -- or is it the other way around? I agree with the whole video, with the exception of a draft.”
--Anne from Oklahoma

“Set the nation on fire with this message. "We the people" need to hear, listen and act on the message.”
--Sol Harge, Cleveland, OH

“I really liked it. I thought it was intelligent and well done. We have to make our own "change" and not depend on career politicians to tell us what we "want." The government was created to serve us, not to "take care" of us.”

“Dumb! Right wing mumbo jumbo.”

“Totally right on target! Why are we letting the government steal our rights, our freedoms?! I support everything put forth in this video.”
--VSC Tulsa, OK

“I do not agree with compulsory military service. We now have the best educated most dedicated military service men and women ever, and all voluntary. This is how it should be.”

“I live in the UK so am not familiar with the facts, but I could see that this man was ranting and rabble rousing. Even is some of his points were valid, he is full of venom and anger and that is not the kind way to address these issues. Because of the "vibe" I did not care to watch it to the end!”

“Excellent! He is correct, we have become a nation of whiners, with no will to demand our rights.”

“HERE, HERE! Point by point, This is correct. Wake up, people.”

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