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Shocking Video Shows Man Eaten Alive by Mosquito then Larva ... How to Not Let this Happen to You and Your Loved Ones! (Warning: Do NOT Watch if You’re Squeamish)


Warning: The video above contains graphic
material not suitable for squeamish eyes!

It shows a man in Panama who was bit by a mosquito that was host to bot fly eggs, which then hatched under his skin.

What is a Human Bot Fly, and What Does it Have to Do With Mosquitoes?

bot fly

Flies called bot flies (or warble flies) attach their eggs to mosquitoes, which then transfer them to you!

The human bot fly (also known as the American warble fly) is a fly species that can infest humans with its larvae (maggots). The resulting condition, myiasis, occurs when the larva, which remain in your skin for up to 10 weeks, grow and produce painful boils.

Human bot flies have a unique connection to mosquitoes, because they use them to spread their eggs. A femail bot fly will actually capture a mosquito then “glue” 10-50 of her eggs to the underside of the mosquito’s abdomen. When the infected mosquito then bites a human, the person’s body heat causes the eggs to hatch into a tiny larva.

The larva will then enter your skin either through the mosquito bite, an abrasion, a hair follicle or even directly through your intact skin.

What Happens When the Bot Fly Larva Enter Your Skin?

Bot fly larva has hooks on its mouth and rings of spines encircling its body. It uses these to burrow into your skin, leaving its back end near the surface so it can breathe. It will remain there feeding on your tissue until it grows larger for six to 10 weeks.

As the larva grow you may have shooting pain and itching near the wound, which will continually discharge blood or serum (because the larva keeps the wound open so it can breathe).

Eventually, the larva will drop from your skin and burrow into the ground, to emerge four to 11 weeks later as an adult bot fly.

Adult bot flies sole purpose is to mate and lay eggs on another transport host. The entire cycle takes only a few days, and the adult bot fly then dies.

Human bot flies are common in Central and South America as well as Mexico. It’s not uncommon for American travelers to pick up bot fly larva while vacationing in these areas.

How Can a Bot Fly Infestation be Treated?

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally … NOT with Dangerous DEET!

lice b goneThe active chemical ingredient in most insect repellents available in the United States -- DEET -- may be harmful to your health. To repel insects like mosquitoes naturally, try Lice B Gone, the 100% safe, pesticide-free lice shampoo that doubles as an excellent insect repellant.

Lice and Tick B Gone works amazingly well for repelling mosquitoes, as well as if not better than hazardous DEET products!

You can safely spray Lice B Gone on your skin or mist outdoor areas to keep mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other pests away for up to three hours!

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Although you can simply wait until the larva develops and emerges from your skin naturally, most people choose to remove the larva as soon as possible. Doing this involves cutting off the larva’s air supply by spreading a thick layer of petroleum jelly, beeswax, bacon fat or chewing gum to the wound opening. Adhesive tape is also sometimes used (as was the case in the above video).

Within 24 hours after the air supply is cut off, the larva will begin to emerge enough to be pulled out with tweezers or forceps. After it is removed the wound should be cleaned and disinfected.

How to Best Prevent Bot Fly Infestations … and Mosquito Bites!

Due to an abundance of wet weather, certain areas of the United States are predicting this may be the worst mosquito season in two decades!

And, you get bot fly larva by coming in contact with mosquitoes, so if you will be traveling to an area where bot flies are common (Mexico, South America or Central America), or simply want to avoid all the mosquito-related health risks you can, take care to follow these natural approaches to avoiding mosquito bites:

  • If you're going to spend time outdoors, wearing long pants, socks and long sleeves is one of the best ways to prevent mosquito bites. However, mosquitoes can bite through thin material, so you may want to spray a chemical-free (look for a non-toxic variety that doesn't contain DEET) insect repellant on the outside of your clothes.

  • It’s a good idea to apply a chemical-free insect repellant to any exposed skin as well. One such safe repellant is Lice B Gone -- it's a lice shampoo that contains no harmful pesticides or irritating chemicals that doubles as a non-toxic insect repellant. Some people also spray it outside to keep pests away when they're entertaining.

You can safely spray Lice B Gone on your skin or mist outdoor areas to keep mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other pests away for up to three hours!

  • Dusk and dawn are peak mosquito hours, so take extra precautions during these times.

  • Since mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, you can reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home by eliminating any standing water (flower pots, birdbaths, pet water dishes, barrels and more can all be culprits).

  • You can keep mosquitoes out of your home by installing tight-fitting screens into all your windows and doors (and repairing any holes in existing ones).

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