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Unemployment Rates are Skyrocketing:
How to Find a Recession-Proof Job You Actually Love



In December 2008, the U.S. unemployment rate rose to 7.2 percent, the highest level in the last 16 years, and 524,000 jobs were cut. Over the entire year, 2.6 million jobs were lost, and countless other workers had their hours reduced to part-time.

If you fear a layoff is in your future, now is the time to start researching -- and identifying -- your true calling.

"There is no end in sight in terms of layoffs," economist Ken Mayland, president of ClearView Economics, told the Associated Press. "January could be worse because some companies put layoffs on hold because of holiday sensitivities."

And he is not the only economist who is less than optimistic about the future.

"This doesn't seem like a simple cyclical shift in unemployment," said Thomas Lam, an economist who tracks the U.S. economy at the Singapore-based United Overseas Bank, in a TIME article. "What we are seeing is a structural problem in the U.S. economy, and that means it will take a lot longer for the unemployed to find jobs."

If you are currently unemployed or feeling uncertain about your job security, securing a job to pay the bills is one thing. But finding a job you actually love is quite another. Whether you realize it yet or not, the latter is actually fundamental to your health and happiness.

"It's important to the human soul and our overall health and well-being that we love our work and find renewal and growth in what we do for a living," says Judi Neal, associate professor of management at the University of New Haven.

What this means is that you deserve to not only find a secure job, but to find one that will make you feel fulfilled. With the amount of time Americans spend on the job these days, how can you afford (mentally) not to?

In the current economic climate, you may first want to give some thought to careers that are truly recession-proof, and then narrow down your list of options from there.

In order to be happy at work, your job must be in line with your values and belief system.

Industries That Tend to be Recession-Proof

Careers in the following industries will thrive no matter what the economy is doing, quite simply because they provide services that society in general cannot go long without.

  1. Health Care: Health services occupations including medical assistants, home health aides, physical therapists and medical records technicians account for close to half of the 30 fastest growing occupations.
  1. Education: Teaching is generally immune to a shaky economy, particularly if you're teaching in an area with a high growth rate, such as the South and Southwest.
  1. Energy: Anything related to alternative fuel sources, oil and gas and other energy sources will likely flourish in coming years.
  1. Environmental: If you have "green" skills in sustainability and other environmental issues, you will be in demand.
  1. Security: Police officers, international security experts and others who fight crime will still be in need even if the economy turns sour.
  1. International Business: Working in another country, or simply being an expert about another culture or language, will work to your advantage during a recession.

This is a great starting point, but don’t limit yourself to these alone. The other part of the equation is to find something you truly love and feel passionate about.

What Kind of Job Will Make You Happy?

You have a unique set of skills that employers will find valuable, but you also have talents and hobbies -- things you love to do in your free time. As you evaluate job positions, do not rule out those things you consider “play” right now, as often these are the things that truly inspire us most.

As you begin to narrow down your career options, first make a list of your skills, talents and interests. From there, think about what you value most in life.

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Do you value helping others over all else? Or do you value having time to spend with your family? How about money? Where does that fit in to your value system? Chances are that your values will encompass a number of different things. If you're having trouble identifying which values are most important to you, you should rank them using a 5-point scale (0 = not important at all, 5 = most important).

Other important variables to consider:

  • Are you willing to go back to school or undergo additional training?
  • Where do you want to work? Is location negotiable?
  • Is flexibility with work hours important to you?
  • Would you like to start your own business?

Another tool you can use to help you determine what type of career you are best suited for is this free career personality test. It's based on your dominant character traits, your interests, and the way you approach work. Keep your career personality in mind as you compose your list of dream careers.

Now, Go For It!

Once you’ve decided what type of job would make you happy, how should you go about achieving it?

Keep your eyes and ears open for anything related to your dream job. Attend industry trade shows, read their magazines, network with anyone you can within the field, and hand your resume out unashamedly at job fairs. If your dream is to start your own business, this applies to you too. Make friends with other business owners and soak in all the advice they have to offer.

If the thought of this sounds daunting right now, take a deep breath and simply take it a day at a time. To keep stress from becoming overwhelming, the staff at LOVES Staying Healthy in a Stressful World, the highly praised CD by Dr. Peter Reznik, one of the most respected mind/body integrative therapists of our time. The program will actually help you to embark on a practice for transforming your stress into life-enhancing experiences.

Despite what is going on with the economy, you can make 2009 your best year yet!

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