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Are CGI Human Replications Creative or Creepy? You Tell Us!


In 1993, the computer-generated imagery (CGI) that made Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs come to life onscreen revolutionized the movie industry. CGI had been used decades before, but it wasn’t until then that its popularity really caught on.

Now, movies like Avatar (which reportedly cost in excess of $200 million!) are raising the bar even higher, and further blurring the line between real and fiction.

But are animated humans in movies, TV, and Internet even better than having real-life actors … ore are they just creepier?

Please share your thoughts on this rapidly expanding new technology and its impact on entertainment and marketing as we once knew them.

Are these “Cool” or “Creepy,” “Sexy” or “Sleepy”?  Do you look forward to and want more of these CGI human-like animations… or would you prefer more be done with live actors?


For instance, have you seen David Byrne’s eerie (or incredible?) Singing Robot:

Or the Baby Skates Viral Internet Ad Sensation?

The fact is there is more animation and fewer live actors today than ever before. CGI has been increasing as production becomes more affordable and actors become more dispensable (and expensive) commodities.

The top films spend more than, or at least as much as, they would pay an actor to play the roles of animated figures.

From the Matrix to TV commercials to video game characters, humans are being replaced by life-like images. Soon you will be able to select and have anything you say changed to the accent, dialect or even language in your favorite actors voice(s), including changing genders with one click.  

Please Let Us Know What YOU Think!

Select answers will be published in the forthcoming issue of the e-newsletter!*

*NOTE: Your answer, or an excerpt thereof, may be published in a forthcoming issue of the e-newsletter and on the website. By submitting your answer you authorize this. Please include your name and your city state (or country) location to be included in the publication of select answers!

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