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Do School Children Have the “Right” to a Good Sex Life?


The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has taken sex education to a whole new level. In an effort to update their sex education program, NHS Sheffield sent out a bold new leaflet -- titled “Pleasure” -- to parents, teachers and youth workers.

As the name implies, rather than promoting the same old message of safe sex, committed relationships and abstinence, the leaflet focuses on the benefits of enjoyable sex.


Are school kids ready to be informed about their “right to have a good sex life”? You told us how you felt about this controversial message.

If you missed the article last week, you can read it in its entirety now.

It’s a controversial issue, no doubt, and we asked YOU to respond to this question:

Would you be upset if your child was informed of his or her “right to a good sex life” in school? Or do you feel it’s a fair message to share?

As usual, we received a variety of opinions from both sides of the spectrum. Thank you to everyone who shared an opinion … and here is what you had to say:

“I believe that sex is too sacred and emotionally profound to compare it with "the healthy apple" of yore! Sex should never be used out of a healthy committed relationship of love and trust. For guys, who are not as emotionally involved as girls, their main concern should be respect and protection (STD/procreation.) But for girls, to give your body and sexuality is to give your soul - too many girls become emotionally scared when they give themselves lightly. They cheapen themselves and do not get the intimacy or commitment they really crave for; only a few minutes of physical pleasure and months (or years) of aches (emotional). Moreover, unwanted pregnancy and STD are too serious business for either boys or girls to just "mate". We have reduced sexuality to an animal behavior instead of a joining of human beings (and souls) to increase intimacy, commitment and love.”

“I would be very upset. They fail to mention that sex before marriage is the 100% fool-proof way, and it works everytime. No walking statistic!”

“They do and i told them they did.”

“This is unconscionable! How dare they do this to young children!!!!!”

“I think every child should be taught about masturbation by the time they are six and intercourse by the time they are 12. You are always better off knowing more rather than less.”

“I would be most upset and looking to sue a school board that bought into such an idea. Sex in the hands of children is just as dangerous as guns in the hands of children. They are not matured enough to rightly handle either.”

“This message is as destructive as promoting cohabiting in jr high.”

“I would definitely be upset if my child was encouraged to have sex. I do not think that underage children are mature enough to understand the responsibilities that go along with sexual activity. Unfortunately, underage children think they are mature.”

“This type of message sounds like something a pedophile would put out. Somewhere along the way people started substituting "right" for what should be "privilege." No one has the "right" to a good sex life. They need to "earn" the privilege by demonstrating that they are mature enough to deal with all the emotional and physical repercussions of sexual activity. Since science has shown that the logic centers of the brain are not completely developed until humans are around 21 years old, how could anyone expect children to cope with the repercussions of sexual activity even if we ignore religious and moral aspects of such a ridiculous statement. Next thing you know some fool with say that children have the "right" to carry a gun. I strongly support sex education, but this does not sound like education. It sounds like someone trying to take advantage of children.”
--Audry Parker

“This has to be the most obnoxious training thing I have ever heard of! Not only are teenagers more apt to take part in sexual mores, but are also more apt to get pregnant than any others. Please quit this stupid training!!!”
--Dianne Brown, Salem, OR, USA

“I sure would. This is not a school topic worth even considering. What next, how to get rid of a sexual partner when it all falls apart? Young people deserve to be guided in such a way that will ensure success in their relationships when they become responsible adults. Just look around and if you’re not blind you should be able to see the destroyed lives of young people who practice sex at that age.”

“The only message to pass on to our youth is the advice given by the Creator of all life. His advice is from the utmost intelligence and love one could have for children. That advice can only be found in His word The Bible. That is what our youth should be reading.
            --J. Seltzer, Altamonte Springs, FL

“I absolutely would be upset.”

“I think it is deplorable. Not only would it increase sexual diseases but think about the unwanted pregnancies it would create. Unwanted and unloved children, what kind of society are we creating?”

“Illicit sex can lead to STDs, unwanted pregnancies and abortion, heartache, low self-esteem and a host of undesirable physical and emotional states. I believe that mature, mutual love is the basis for satisfying sex. Too often we confuse "rights" and "privileges."”
--Elaine Vinzant, Moline, Illinois

“Teach the kids about sex safety, the responsibilities and expenses of raising children, the care required and personal sacrifices necessary, diseases and illnesses. Not how to find and enjoy sex --- They will learn about that soon enough.”

“I would be upset & do not think it is an appropriate message for school age children.”

“There is no inherent right to a good sex life by either children or adults! While sex may have positive health virtues, that is no reason to negate family lessons of morality. This campaign appears to be designed to further erode the family unit.”

“I am totally disgusted and offended by this message aimed at school children and would remove my child from any school that sent this message and home school them where they would be taught proper values! In light of the problems with teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases we need more messages of responsibility and less messages of immorality.”
--Cathie Garnier, Fresno, CA

“Yes. Breaking the commandment on adultery is a major factor here. Unmarried sex = adultery. God put these laws in place to protect His children. I trust His judgment, not the judgment of our children!”
--Sarah, Minnesota

“Has everyone forgotten everything about morals? Sad that parents just let children DO ANYTHING THEY WANT then wonder why they are in trouble. NO!!!!!”

“Absolutely Not! Children are just that - children. They have crushes on different individuals all the time. How can they ever be expected to make the transition to a loving, lifetime partner if sex is reduced to an animalistic act for pleasure alone with a different boy or girl every week or two? Marriages are already suffering from lack of commitment and the children of those marriages are denied the security of growing up in a home with two loving parents. I believe this will just increase the divorce rate or encourage living together without ever making the commitment to marriage. Is there an underlying plan to destroy the family altogether? I sometimes wonder … “

“I think it is absurd to promote this message to school age children. I would be very upset if this information were given to my son at school. I would seriously consider transferring him to a private one but not before sharing my opinion.”

“Yes, I worry about this for my grandchildren. Where has their childhood gone? Can they not just be children? Do we not have they highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe? What a terrible way to increase the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases which in turn will give rise to more and more fertility problems. In heavens name sex is a natural thing for all to enjoy when ready and committed to one partner but has no place in junior schools.”

“The Bible instructs parents to educate their children about sex step by step according to their age. It directs to emphasize that sex is a gift from God who is the author of marriage, therefore sex can only be performed with the spouse, not girlfriend or boyfriend or anybody else. In this manner, children when they become young adults who may be tempted by others by peer pressure to perform unauthorized sex (done outside of marriage) will remember the teachings their parents gave them at the right time - when their mind are just as tender to receive good teachings. This may sound extraordinary or even crazy for some in this do-what-you-like era, but the benefits are immeasurable. After all, the basic foundation of any society is still the family, where every good virtue has to be built strong for each member.”

“Of course I would be upset. This message is one that should only be directed to adults of legal age, and who are financially able to take care of any unforeseen consequences of sexual activity. There are many more consequences to sexual activity than improved health.”

“Absolutely. What brain dead persons dreamed this up? It should definitely be stopped!!!!”
            --Lynn K. Stanwood, Washington

“I would be very outraged! Kids are confused enough as it is. This would encourage kids to try sex at an earlier age.”
--April Ingersoll, Chattanooga, TN

“A good sex life with whom? The instructor, a parent, young uncle or aunt, the pedophile next door, your sister? I think it is a message intended for an older audience.”

“I think the right of a good sex life comes after marriage. There are people who are determined to destroy our young generation for the good life of sex they can have when they are older. Do not destroy their life so early in their lives. Some people should grow up and it’s not the students.”

“I think it is reasonable in that it brings balance to an area which has previously been saturated with one-sided, extremist, abstinence literature.”

“This seems like on more step to destroy the morals of this country.”

“I would be mad as h***! Sex is for marriage not for silly girls and boys in school. As it is, girls are having babies while in High School. This is way too early. Girls are prepared for babies and no husband and they are too immature.”

“Children should NOT be having sex at all!!!!”

“You can "bet your sweet bippy" I would be upset. Government has their fingers in way too many things as it is and I feel this is another such act.”

“This is ridiculous as research has shown premarital sexual activity even in a committed relationship will cause issues later in most if not all cases. It is worth saving till marriage as most who have done will attest. If you cat around before you make a pattern of doing it after. Most marriages do not benefit from that. This is a very misleading message. Young people are mostly not equipped to make good decisions related to sex before marriage.”

“Encouraging unmarried people of any age, but especially school children, is totally irresponsible. The moral foundations of our country are being eroded rapidly by policies that are championed by liberal non-thinking people such as these. We need to return to biblical morality. Most of our social problems that are caused by unwanted pregnancies and STDs would disappear.”

“It is reprehensible that responsible adults would publish such misguided information. For centuries, Civil Society has limited sex activity acceptable between consensual adults only. Teenagers, not responsible enough to sign legal documents, are certainly not responsible enough to engage in any sex activity.”

“If my child was in Middle School or Elementary I would be devastated but if he or she was in high school then not so much. I think that kids are on a whole other level than when I was in school and the things that I considered provocative and promiscuous back then, they consider the norm today. It’s horrible but it’s reality and the sooner we realize this, the better off we will be. I’m not condoning sexual behavior for high schoolers but I think knowledge is power no matter what. If they are gonna do it, why not do it right?? Right!!??!!”

“I am not surprised by the intent of the education leaders to introduce this, but I strongly disagree and I would most certainly be upset with such a message being sent to minor children.”

“I would be outraged if my child was given a leaflet like this in school. This is one of the many reasons I homeschool my daughter.”
--Diane Wieland, Brookhaven, PA

“I agree with Anthony Seldon, it is “deplorable.” I agree with Dr. Trevor that believes this advice would encourage risky behavior and increase sexually transmitted diseases. I too cannot believe this would be sent out to our schools. It is nothing less than encouraging child abuse.””

“Yes, I would be very upset! This is NOT Biblical!!!!!”
--Carmen Fairley, USA

“Upset is not the word for it. I would be irate!!”
--Gerrie from Ohio

“This is not a message that should go to teenagers. All this does is give them the right to THINK it is o.k. to do as an adult. This is a message that would be better off sitting in a doctors office - not schools!”

“Pleasure in sex is reserved for a man and a woman who are married to each other. All else is sin and a violation of Scripture.”

“Yes, I would be upset. As a parent who is also a health care provider this is directly contrary to what I am teaching my children. I definitely would not appreciate the school system counteracting the values I teach them at home.”

“I would definitely be upset if my children were informed or taught this message. I believe it is not the role of the public school to be teaching sex education to our children. That is a parent’s right and responsibility.”

“This is ridiculous. Students should be focusing on there academic future, not putting themselves at risk to problems that can be associated to sexual encounters. The message is absurd and I would be more than upset.”

“I would be very upset!! Where are the morals in our country? This is nothing but a lie and very deplorable.”
--Grandma, Dallas

“No sex at school age. Sex education has its place, but to encourage them to have sex at that age, NO, emphatically NO. It can be detrimental to their adult life. Definitely high risk for STDs. NO, NO, NO. I guess it is safe to say I would be upset.”

“"Upset" would be a gross understatement. The idea that anyone would entertain the notion of distributing such ideas in a school is unfathomable.”

“My child would be home schooled and not subject to the insidious and idiotic ploys of the modern education system which does nothing more than brainwash children to be good little sheeple. Society today has no concept of personal responsibility for anything, in any age group or demographic. We have lost the ability to reason, to think critically and employ any semblance of common sense. We are utterly pathetic, and the level of apathy regarding truly important issues in lieu of being amused and entertained is disgusting. We have turned our back on God and wonder why decadence rules.”
--Gus Austin, Tx

“YES, totally, upset!! This is absurd. The consequences of teenage sex, encouraged and promoted no less, are too numerous to mention here, but anyone with a brain knows full well.”

“Now, THERE is an enlightened culture..... many of the ills we experience in the US are both directly and indirectly caused by repressed, distorted, and punishing misguided religious concepts.”

“It is a fair message, as long as the elements of safety and responsibility are adequately stressed. In addition, there must be plenty of access to safe contraception. Hysteria over sex (and nudity) are culturally based, usually as a result of a monotheistic religious tradition. Sexual desire and activity are biologically normal and should not be demonized but rather approached in an informed and mature manner. Once puberty hits, kids will begin to desire sex. There is no getting around it. It is not useful to deny two hundred million years of evolution with nonsensical propaganda or guilt-generating edicts. It is better that kids approach sex armed with full knowledge of the pitfalls and dangers, as well as the benefits, so they may develop a healthy sex life free of absurd hang-ups.”

“Not in school but should be talked about in the sanctity of their houses coming from responsible parents.”

“I would be outraged to say the least! My child would not be in that class. As a matter of fact it might be time to remove my child from the school completely.”

“Not at all. I am completely comfortable that i have raised a wonderfully mannered and SMART child that makes good decisions. not all children are alike and not all will take this as important information for their future. they still need to be given the truthful information. the community is not going to stop a teen from having sex. so educate educate.”

“Yes, It is amazing to me that someone would believe students are entitled to everything and no discipline seems necessary in life. Dealing with students on a daily basis is difficult enough without them having to schedule their daily romp in your classroom. STD will be a severe problem as well as commitment later on in life.”

“OMG!!! Do we want more teen pregnancies??? Kids are not mature enough to handle the responsibilities of sex, who in their freaking right mind would advocate them screwing on a daily basis??? And when they start messing around with older people, as that would happen, is it okay now since we are advocating kids having sex? NO NO NO NO! They are CHILDREN! They need to live as children. Get them out exercising, eating healthy, and living right. Sex is not a replacement for that.”
--LMB, Toledo, Ohio

“I would be outraged! This is over stepping parental/family boundaries! I am sick of people trying to impose their extreme ideas on me and my family.”

“We are being bombarded with sex from every media source and now they want to enhance "reading, writing and arithmetic" with sex? Is there anyone out there not on drugs?”

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