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21 Photos That Will Make You Smile Big-Time!


The photos that follow highlight all different aspects of life, from human relationships to the wonders of nature. But they all have one thing in common -- they are sure to put a smile on your face.

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amazing photos: insect
A reminder to celebrate life each and every day!
amazing photos: lady bugsCherish your friends … and hang out together often.

amazing photos: fish bowl
Don’t covet what you cannot have.
amazing photos: bridge 
Savor the miracles all around you.

amazing photos: mother daughter
Always remember what’s most important in your life.
amazing photos: cat
Be open to seeing life from a variety of different perspectives.

amazing photos: logs
Good things happen when you think outside the box.

amazing photos: cat dog friends
Friends can take on many unexpected forms.
amazing photos: cat water
Enjoy life one small sip at a time.

amazing photos: color tree
Let your creativity have no boundaries.

amazing photos: man truck
There’s always tomorrow …
amazing photos: cats bird
Life is not always fair.

amazing photos: moth
Be grateful for nature in all of its forms.

amazing photos: eagles
Be a graceful and fair leader.

amazing photos: swimming pool
Don’t let the weight of the world sit on your shoulders.

amazing photos: dog mountain
Never take freedom for granted.
amazing photos: bug bubbles
Take time for plenty of bubble baths.

amazing photos: lizard insect
Share with your fellow creatures.

amazing photos: snow house
Dig your way out of tough spots one shovel at a time.

amazing photos: cloud city
Clouds always have a silver lining.

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