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Are Your Vitamins Doing What They Should?
The Importance of Charting Your Health


Almost 40 percent of Americans regularly take a vitamin or mineral supplement, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a practice that brought in nearly $10 million to the U.S. vitamin industry in 2007, reported the Nutrition Business Journal.


Are your vitamins missing the mark when it comes to your unique health requirements?

We take vitamins to give us more energy, to help prevent illness, to improve the quality of our skin, nails and hair, to help us sleep and countless other reasons in between. And for some of us, vitamins act as an "insurance policy" to make up for a not-so-healthy diet.

Of course, the best way to get the nutrients your body needs is by eating a variety of healthy foods (or in the case of vitamin D, getting it through safe and sensible sun exposure). Whole foods contain an array of health-promoting micronutrients and phytochemicals that provide a beneficial synergistic effect that is not obtained when you take isolated vitamin supplements.

Yet, millions of Americans who eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) are not getting the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. They're certainly taking in enough calories -- that's evidenced by the obesity epidemic facing the nation -- but it's the quality of those calories that are important. You can eat all day long and still be vitamin-deficient if you haven't chosen your foods wisely. For instance, do you:

  • Eat fast food often?

  • Rarely eat fresh vegetables and fruit?

  • Rely on quick, processed foods and snacks?

  • Fill up on soda or other sweet beverages?

  • Feel you're not eating a nutritious diet?

If so, you're likely in need of some "extra" vitamins (though they're not really "extra" in the event your body is deficient in them, they're what's required to keep you healthy!) -- and vitamin supplements may very well make sense for you.

That said, many people make the mistake of taking supplements "blindly" and hoping for the best -- without knowing which brands truly live up to their claims and which are worthless -- and sadly, many brands are worthless, or close to it, as unscrupulous manufacturers know the supplement industry is a cash windfall right now.

On top of that, you may be taking supplements that your body doesn't need (and it is possible to overdose on some vitamin supplements and actually damage your health) or missing those that it does -- setting yourself up for nutrient deficiencies.

Lacking nutrients is no laughing matter. Poor or inadequate diets are actually linked to four of the top 10 causes of death -- heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes -- according to the USDA. So making sure you're getting the nutrients your body needs can quite literally save your life.

How to Choose the Right Vitamin Supplements for Your Body, Every Time

Become Empowered:
Chart Your Health

Chart Your Health

Do you want to:

  • Find out the actual nutritional deficiencies that exist in your body, right now?
  • Be empowered to do something positive for your health?
  • Receive customized recommendations for dietary supplements and meal plans?

United Medical Network will chart your current health state and provide you with a customized solution.

Start Charting
Your Health Now!

Entering a vitamin shop, or even a vitamin aisle in your grocery store, is clearly a daunting task. Even with the best intentions, choosing the vitamins your body needs is akin to throwing a dart at a dartboard with your eyes closed. There's a good chance you're going to miss the bull's eye.

But imagine if you could have a window into your body. One that let you see exactly where your vitamin and mineral levels were lacking, and directed you to the right supplements -- and foods -- to fill in the gaps.

Charting Your Health gives you that window.

Charting Your Health, as developed by Dr. Gregory Pouls of the United Medical Network (UMN), brings customized nutritional analysis directly to you. This service, which was once only available to doctors and health care practitioners:

  1. Uncovers the personal biochemical health makeup of your body.

  2. Reveals your health conditions and tracks your progressive improvements.

  3. Empowers you with personalized foods and supplements that are exactly what your body needs to thrive (not just survive).

How does it work? You take a 24-hour urine analysis in the comfort of your own home, mail it in, then within a few days receive and review your personalized test results, including UMN practitioners' recommendations. You'll find out your levels of:

When you Chart Your Health you get a glimpse inside your body so you can take the right steps to get, and stay, healthy.

  1. Indican (excessive indican levels are caused by poor digestion, constipation, exposure to environmental chemicals, yeast/candida, parasites, or abnormal flora in your gut)

  2. Calcium

  3. Vitamin C

  4. Chloride electrolyte (low electrolytes causes low energy, stress to your brain, nerve and muscular function, thyroid stress, and more)

  5. Calcium oxylate (this shows how well or poorly your body digests fat)

  6. NPN Urochrome (this reveals whether you're able to digest protein adequately)

Then, based on your individual test results, you'll receive customized dietary supplements designed specifically to address your unique health challenges and a customized meal plan shopping list -- chosen from 13,000 foods -- designed to fit your distinctive lifestyle and fulfill your specific dietary needs. The program also allows you to self-monitor your progress and track your health to the next level as you make the suggested changes!

So if you are currently one of the many Americans who is not eating right, under a lot of stress, or not leading a healthy lifestyle -- then blindly choosing supplements and hoping for the best -- don't wait for a health problem to take action. Become empowered and learn your nutritional deficiencies now, so that you can take the steps to fully nourish your body and your life.

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Sources September 8, 2008

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