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The Ultimate No-Cost Holiday Gift
 That Everyone on Your List Will Love


Let's face it. When you go shopping at the mall or online, what you're looking for is a gift that will show your friends and family that you care. You want them to know that you put thought into this gift, and you want it to put a genuine smile on their face as soon as they tear off the paper.

But what you're looking for is not at the mall. No cashmere sweater, ski jacket or gift card, in fact, nothing that you can purchase at the mall or anywhere, will make someone feel appreciated the way that something else can …

That something is your time, and it is free for the giving to those most dear to your heart.

Over 100 Ways to Show How Much You Care

As our holiday gift to you, Sixwise has given you access, FREE of charge, to over 100 certificates that present your loved ones with the greatest gift of all: Yourself.

Free Gift Certificates

Better Than Free: Get $20 Off Your Next Sixwise Purchase!

Download any group of personal certificates now, refer a friend, and you'll Receive a Coupon for $20 off a $100 Purchase! Use it toward any of Sixwise's quality items for you, your home, and your family.

There is a certificate to please everyone on your list:

  • Romantic: Sensual massage, Dinner and a Movie, a Pampered Evening

  • From the Kids: Cook for You, Make by Bed, Clean my Room

  • Practical: Cleaning of Your Choice, Go to the Store for You

  • Financial: Budget Commitment Certificates, College Fund Certificates

  • Relaxation and Leisure: Foot Massage, Weekend Getaway

  • Family: Movie Night, Forgiveness Certificate, Road Trip

  • Co-Workers: Help Me Out, Go to Bat for Me, Clean Your Office

And many, many more!

Your gift of your time is one that will be remembered and cherished long after the Christmas decorations have been put away.

So Browse Through the Entire List of Free Personal Gift Certificates Now …

Adding one of SixWise's Personal Certificates to each gift you already bought will make it both meaningful and personalized. Or, simply wrap up your certificate in a box with a bow for a gift that your loved ones will truly cherish.

Only YOU know what your loved ones most desire, so pick one that comes right from your heart (or give several!).

Then, print it from your home printer (we suggest you use heavyweight paper), wrap it up in a box with a bow, and he or she will be touched by your intuition and ability to give them exactly what they wanted!

As an added bonus, these certificates are completely free, which can help provide some much-needed relief for those looking to cut back on their spending this holiday season. Now you can give, give and give some more without spending a dime!

Need some suggestions? Try …

  • Giving your spouse a "Make a Wish" certificate to make their dreams come true!

  • Involving the kids with "Set the Table," "Baby Sit for a Sibling," or "Help Clean the House" certificates for mom and dad.

  • Treating your best friend to "Dinner and a Movie" certificates.

  • Giving your parents a "Family Vacation" certificate.

  • "Clean Your Office" certificates for your coworkers.

  • Helping out an elderly neighbor with a "Go to the Store" certificate or two.

The possibilities are endless, of course, and there are also blank certificates so you can use your imagination and give anything your heart desires. Have fun, and please pass these unique gift certificates on to all of your friends and loved ones who are also in need of unique and thoughtful (or inexpensive!) gifts this season … they'll appreciate that you did!

Get Your Free Personal Gift Certificates Now!

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